Does UCC Offer Nursing, Here Is The Complete Answer To Whether You Can Read Nursing At UCC

does ucc offer nursing

Does UCC really offer Nursing? Now, Check out the full answer: whether the University of Cape Coast offers Nursing for first-degree students.

Certainly, undergraduate students have a lot of courses they can study at the University of Cape Coast.

Notably, when I mention undergraduate students, I refer to students reading their first degree programs at UCC.

In other words, all BSc, BEd, and BA programs are for undergraduate students.


Is There A First Degree In Nursing At UCC?

Usually, Educareguide researches to find out whether UCC is rolling out a new program of students for applicants.

Thus, the University is exploring other academic endeavours that students can study.

In light of this, we searched to find out whether the University has added the Degree in Nursing course to its list of programs. Now, check out what we found below.


Does UCC Offer A Nursing Program?

A visitor to our site once wrote and asked, “Can I read Nursing at UCC?”.

Indeed, you can now read a degree in Nursing at UCC.

UCC offers the Bachelor of Nursing Degree program to all WASSCE graduates with the requisite results.


How Many Years Does It Take To Study Nursing In UCC

Indeed, the study duration for the Nursing course at UCC is three years for WASSCE graduates.

Thus, Wassce graduates will read the program for four years.

Next on the series of concerns to applicants is the nursing cut-off point at UCC. Thus, what is the cut-off point for nursing at UCC? Find the answer to that question from the details below.


Admission Requirements, Nursing At UCC

Remember that you can apply to read Nursing at UCC with options of entry qualifications.

Thus, applicants with the following qualifications can apply to study Nursing at UCC:

  • WASSCE or SSCE Applicants
  • Diploma Certificate Holders
  • Professional Certificate Holders

Let us begin with the detailed admission requirements for Wassce and SSSCE Applicants.


WASSCE Applicants, Admission Requirement For Nursing At UCC

Applicants must obtain very good passes in all core subjects, namely:

  • English;
  • Mathematics;
  • Integrated Science and
  • Social Studies

In addition to that, you must have good grades in:

  • Biology;
  • Chemistry;
  • Physics; and
  • Mathematics


Diploma Holders, Admission Requirement For Nursing At UCC

Interestingly, the University will admit you to Level 300 while you hold a Nursing Diploma.

Remember, in addition to that, the University expects you to meet the basic entry requirements before they admit you.

Also, you must pass an admission interview that the University will conduct.

Finally, candidates interested in the program must have study leave because this is a full-time course.


Professional Certificate Holders, Admission Requirement For Nursing At UCC

Indeed, the University of Cape Coast admits Professionals with Nursing Certificate (SRN).

Usually, the UCC admits such applicants directly to Level 200.

You must also have the basic university entry requirements and pass an admission interview.


Cut Off Point For Nursing At UCC

What is the cut-off point for nursing in UCC for applicants with a Wassce Certificate?

Factually speaking, applicants who want to read nursing at UCC must first meet the statutory requirement for admission into the University in Ghana.

What Statutory requirements am I talking about? For instance, one critical regulation is that universities in Ghana must not admit students with grades of D and below.

In addition, the general cut-off point for admission into degree programs in Ghana is an aggregate of 24. 

Furthermore, universities and colleges have cut-off points for individual courses and programs they offer to students. In this regard, what is the cutoff point for nursing students at UCC?

The cut-off point for admission into nursing programs at UCC is an aggregate of 14.

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