Nursing Courses In Ghana, All You Need To Know About Nursing Programs Offered In Ghana

nursing courses in ghana

Indeed, Educareguide considers it very important to inform students about the many nursing courses in Ghana. 

Also, it would be helpful if you get to know the Schools, Colleges, and Universities that offer them. 

Thus, check out a complete list of nursing courses below.

Undoubtedly, nursing is one of the top-rated tertiary programs in Ghana.


Vital Information You Should Note

Of course, its popularity is understandable because the program provides some readily available jobs for graduates. At least, that is the perception of students who prefer to read nursing at colleges in Ghana.

For this reason, many high school graduates fancy their chance to read a nursing program in a tertiary institution.

Indeed, if that is why you are on this page, then you are on the right site where we give the necessary information that you will need to make an excellent career choice.

Meanwhile, check out the list of nursing schools in Ghana and how to apply for a nursing course from here.

This guide will answer all the salient questions about nursing courses in universities, schools, and colleges.

Now, what category of nursing is available for study? Assuredly, you will find the list right below.


Types Of Nursing Courses In Ghana Nursing Training Schools

Now, how many types of nursing courses are there in nursing schools in Ghana? You will find the list of nursing courses and their technical abbreviations below.

Interestingly, you can choose from many of the following nursing courses to read at a nursing school that offers the programme:

  • RGN – Registered General Nursing
  • RCN – Royal College of Nursing
  • RMN – Mental Health Nursing
  • RM – Registered Midwifery
  • PN – Practical Nursing
  • NAC – Nursing Assistant Clinical
  • OPN – Ophthalmic Nursing
  • CCN – Guide to Critical Care Nursing
  • PON – Power of Nursing
  • PHN – Public Health Nursing
  • EN – Enrolled Nursing
  • MID – Midwifery Nursing
  • NAP – Nursing Assistive Personnel
  • ENT – Otorhinolaryngology Nursing

Thus, to know which nursing course to study at Nursing School, you can choose the list of Nursing programmes above.

Educareguide will soon update you on the differences and similarities in the duties among the above types of nurses.

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Now, find out the various certificate levels you can study in nursing as far as Ghanaian universities, schools, and colleges are concerned right below.


General Nursing Courses In Ghana

Here is the full list of nursing courses in Ghana. In addition to that, Educareguide has listed the colleges which offer these Nursing programs in Ghana:

  • Bachelor Of Science In Nursing – UG Legon – University of Ghana
  • Bachelor of Science in Midwifery – UG Legon – University of Ghana
  • Bachelor of Nursing – UCC – University of Cape Coast
  • BSc Nursing – KNUST – Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
  • Diploma in nursing – Kintampo College of Health and Well-Being
  • Diploma in nursing – Cape Coast Nursing and Midwifery Training College
  • Fundamentals of nursing; first aid and bandaging – 37 Military Hospital Nursing and Midwifery Training College – 37NMTC – 
  • Psychiatric nursing course – Pantang Nursing and Midwifery Training College
  • Environmental Health (Diploma) – Agogo Nursing Training College

Assuredly, we will update the above list as new information comes in from various tertiary institutions in the country.

Now, “Can a visual art student apply for nursing?”. Check out the answer below.


Can A Visual Art Student Apply For Nursing

Indeed, every university or college has its specific admission requirements.

Indeed, visual arts students can apply for Nursing courses in a university or college.

Nevertheless, you must remember that you must possess the quality grades expected from you to gain university admission.

Factually speaking, the University of Ghana admits visual arts students to read nursing.

Thus, find out the nursing admission requirements for visual arts students at Legon from here.

Also, In UCC, visual arts students can study nursing if they possess the requisite grades and aggregates.

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Finally, you can find other guides relating to Nursing Courses In Ghana below.


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37 thoughts on “Nursing Courses In Ghana, All You Need To Know About Nursing Programs Offered In Ghana”

  1. I really love Ghana am a Kenyan I believe both countries are sisters I have a question could the University of Ghana be having a vacant since I am really interested in it. Thank you so much.

    1. Pascaline Okyerewaa

      Am a visual student .. And my grades are
      Social c5
      English c6
      Math c5
      Science c4
      French f9
      Gka B3
      Jewellery B3
      Textiles A1
      Please can I apply for nursing .

  2. Am visual art student with this grades Social A1, English B3, maths A1, Economics B3, core science A1, G K A B3, Graphics B3, Leather work A1 . Please can i apply for clinic assistant

  3. Am a visual arts students and I obtained these grades:coremaths C6, English B3, science C6, leather works B3, French C6, GKA B3, Graphics B3.
    Can I apply for nursing?

  4. Please I had b3 in social, c6 in English, D7 in science, C6 in government and C4 in music
    I have medicine counter assistant certificate do I qualify to enter nursing school

  5. What grade should at least a visual art student should get before he or she can offer nursing

  6. Am a visual arts student with this grades scienc c6,maths c5 ,english c6, GKA A1,Graphic design A1, leatherwork B2, Textiles B3.
    Do i qualify for nursing in Ghana

  7. Am a visual arts student and these are my grades science b2,math c4,English c5,GKAc4,economics B3,Textiles A1,social A1 can I apply for general nursing

  8. I offered general arts and these are these are my grades
    English-B3,Science -D7,Maths-E8,Social -B3,Economic-C5,Gov’t-B3,Geography -C6
    Please I’m I’s urgent

  9. Please I offered visual art and these are my grades maths c5,English d7,graphics b2,social c6,science c6,g.k.a b3,jewelery b2 and picture making b2.
    Please can I apply for midwifery

      1. Goodday! I read Visual Arts in senior high school and would like to know the type and class of nursing I could read with the following grades:

        English- B3
        Integrated Science- B3
        Social Studies- C4
        Mathematics – D7
        GKA- A1
        Leatherwork- A1
        Graphic Design – B3
        Economics – C6

  10. i had english b3 science c4 social b3 food and nutrition b3 management in living b3 economics e8 maths f9 and biology f9 can i get admission to nursing

  11. Hello
    I’m Joyceline. I just completed school I offered visual art . I believe my grade will be ranging from 10-16. These are my electives; GKA. SCULPTURE. GRAPHIC DESIGN. ICT
    Can I go for nurses training or a midwifery Training College

  12. Pls I studied Agricultural science and these are my grade
    Animal Husbandry-C6
    General Agriculture-C6
    Social Studies-A1

    Do I qualify?

  13. Pls I had
    Mathematics -D7
    Social Studies- A1
    Animal Husbandry-C6
    General Agriculture-C6

  14. Pls I had
    English C6
    Mathematics D7
    Social Studies A1
    Science C4
    Physics D7
    Chemistry C6
    Animal Husbandry C6
    General Agriculture C6

  15. Please Good day sir, please i want to know whether if is good for me to have my first degree in the college/ university and which college or university should i enrolle myself. I want to pursue Bachelors of science in mental health nursing.

    1. Please let me educate you a little on Mental Heath Nursing Courses and Institutions in Ghana.
      In Ghana, you can read mental health at the Diploma Level. Later, you can do a Post-diploma, which is equivalent to degree at the University of Cape Coast.
      The two most popular institutions that offer Diploma in Mental Health Nursing are the Ankaful Nurses’ Training College in Cape Coast; and the Pantang Nurses Training College in Accra.

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