Nursing Interview Dates For 2023, When Will Nursing Schools Conduct Interview To Admit New Students For 2024?

nursing interview dates for

Indeed, it is absolutely necessary for those who apply to enroll in various nursing training colleges to know the Nursing Interview Dates for 2023.

Unlike other tertiary institutions, nursing training schools need to conduct interview for applicants in order to know their suitability for admission.

Actually, this is irrespective of whether the nursing institution is a school, university or college.

Also, this screening method is adopted to ensure adherence to Nursing and Midwifery Council standards.

Therefore, I will advice all applicants that, you really need to prepare very well for the interview despite the fact that your wassce result is good.

Now, what date will you attend interview in order for you to be admitted to a nursing training college in Ghana? Find out every detail right below.


Nursing Training Interview Date

Originally, the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Ghana – NMC – directed all nursing training schools to conduct interviews to admit new students from Monday 8th August, 2023 to Wednesday 31st August, 2023.

Thus, the NMC wanted Nursing and Health Training Educational Institutions in Ghana to conduct the 2023 interviews in August.

Now, on Friday, 5th August 2023, the Ministry of Health, through the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) directed all Health training institutions in the country to postpone the nursing interview program.

Unfortunately, some applicants reported for an interview on Monday 8th August on many campuses only to be informed that the interview date had been postponed.

Now find out the new Nursing interview date from the details below.


When Is The Interview Date For Nursing Training 2023

Indeed, the Ministry of Health (MOH) directed that Nursing interview dates be postponed for all applicants.

However, the Ministry, through the NMC, is yet to officially issue new dates for Nursing training schools to conduct interviews for applicants.

Meanwhile, our sources indicate that the interviews will likely start on Tuesday, 23rd August 2023.

You should stay glued to Educareguide website for news on when exactly the interviews will start, though you may receive text messages from your respective Nursing Educational Institution.

Sincerely, Educareguide wants to wish you a very successful interview and admission to your preferred nursing training college.

Certainly, we now believe that you are fully aware of the nursing interview dates for 2023.

Find out other very important information you will need to read regarding the admission process to nursing training institutions in Ghana right below.


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