Are CPUT Applications Open For 2024, When Will The Cape Peninsula University Of Technology Open Applications For The 2024 Admissions

cput application closing date

Are CPUT Applications Open For the 2024 academic year? Indeed, this is the question that many interested Cape Peninsula University of Technology applicants ask.

Certainly, we can assure you that, you will find every detail you need on the CPUT application date for 2024 right in this guide.

In addition to that, we will guide you on every piece of information you need to know to complete and submit your CPUT admission forms.

Also, regarding when CPUT will open for 2024 applications, you will get other relevant information about your applications right here.

Surely, in this guide, we will provide answers to the following questions on CPUT forms 2023/2024:

  • When will CPUT applications open for 2024?
  • Is CPUT open for 2024 applications?
  • When will CPUT forms be out?
  • How do I pay for my CPUT online?
  • What is the CPUT application closing dates for 2024?

Now, find answers to the above questions in the details below.

Cput Application 2024 Opening Date

So when will Cape Peninsula University of Technology open for 2024 applications?

The Cape Peninsula University of Technology opened the application for 2024 admissions on 1st April 2023.

Thus, I can confidently say that the 2024 CPUT admission forms are out, and therefore, prospective students can download their Forms from the CPUT official website.

Indeed, we’ve provided the CPUT application form download link right below.

Also, we’ve given full details to answer questions like:

  • how much is CPUT application fees;
  • next, how do I pay my CPUT application fees and
  • how you can apply online for CPUT.

Now, how do I begin my 2024 CPUT application? Find out the answer just below.

How Do I Apply For CPUT Admission?

Now how do I start the CPUT online application for 2024?

Very importantly, follow these steps to apply for admission at CPUT:

  • First, select the course or program that you want to read;
  • Second, download the CPUT application form;
  • Third, complete the application form manually offline;
  • Fourth, gather all your documents and add them to your completed application;
  • Fifth, pay your application through the payment avenue prescribed by CPUT;
  • Sixth, upload or send your completed application together with all your relevant documents;
  • Next, follow up on your application by continuously checking your application status.

Now, does CPUT charge an application fee? Let’s find out about it right below.

CPUT Application Fee 2024

So how much is the Cape Peninsula University of Technology application fee?

Indeed, all applicants will pay a non-refundable application fee of R100.

Remember that for your application to be valid, you must send your application fee to the university.

Else, your application will not be processed at all.

Also, find the deadline for submitting CPUT admission forms on our site.

Is CPUT Open For Late Applications

So is CPUT still open for applications for 2023?

Indeed, the Cape Peninsula University of Technology accepts late applications.

However, applicants will pay a late submission fee of R150 before their admission is processed.

For this reason, I will implore you to submit your documents before the official deadline dates published by the university.

Cput Application 2024 Closing Date

CPUT applicants should generally submit their admission applications by the deadline date of 31st August 2023.

Indeed, there are exceptions for some categories of applicants, which we have detailed on our website.

Meanwhile, remember to submit your application earlier to avoid punitive measures.


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