Home Economics Courses In UCC, Courses At UCC For Students Who Studied Home Economics At Senior High School

Home Economics Courses In UCC - Home Economics Courses In UCC

University of Cape Coast management is pleased to offer Home Economics courses in UCC to students who have successfully completed Senior High School and its equivalents.

Indeed, Home economics programs and UCC are exciting with many prospects. In the meantime, let’s look at some brief vital information you need to know about UCC.

Honestly, the government of Ghana established the University of Cape Coast in Ghana.

Thus, many students, especially those in Senior High School, desire to enter such a respected tertiary educational institution.

It is pretty competitive to gain admission to Home Economics Courses In UCC.

Because UCC is a predominantly education-based university, home economics programs are usually in the area of educational courses.


Can You Get A Degree Course In Home Economics At UCC

Indeed, the University of Cape Coast offers many home economics programs to students who graduate from Senior High Schools in Ghana and beyond.

Also, we will explore the various courses that Home Economics students can study at UCC.

After that, Educareguide will look at the grades you should obtain in WASSSCE or your Senior High School examination to qualify for admission to UCC home economics courses.


Bachelor Of Education In Home Economics

Indeed, the University has designed the Bachelor of Education in Home Economics program to equip students with all the skills to succeed in various careers in home economics.

In the meantime, let’s focus on students in Ghana who read home economics at Senior High School. 

First, WASSCE applicants must get at least from A1 to C6 in all the subjects they write.

Notably, you must get from A1 – C6 in all your four core subjects in Wassce.

Not only that, you should also obtain from A1 – C6 in all your elective subjects studied at High School.

Remember that the University of Cape Coast uses your best three core and three elective subjects to compute your aggregate.

Notably, the University will use English, Core Mathematics, and Integrated Science to admit students for Science-related programs.

However, the University uses your English, Core Mathematics, and Social Studies to admit students for humanity-related programs. Now, look at the List of Home Economics Programs Offered at UCC or the University of Cape Coast.


What Courses Are Under Home Economics At UCC

Indeed, Home Economics students qualify to read the following Courses in UCC. Specifically, here are the courses for home economics students at the University of Cape Coast:


  • BEd Home Economics Cut Off Point is 30
  • BEd Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Cut-Off Point is 20
  • BEd Basic Education Cut-Off Point is 25
  • BEd Early Childhood Education Cut-Off Point is 24
  • BEd Guidance and Counselling Cut-Off Point is 27
  • BEd Social Science Cut-Off Point is 15
  • BEd Social Studies Cut Off Point is 16
  • BA Dance Cut-Off Point is 23
  • BA Economics Cut-Off Point is 19
  • BA Film Studies Cut-Off Point is 29
  • BA Population and Health Cut-Off Point is 26
  • BA Social Behaviour and Conflict Management Cut-Off Point is 26
  • BA Theatre Studies Cut-Off Point is 27
  • BA Mus Music Cut Off Point is 19
  • BA Mus Religion and Human Values 24
  • BSc Psychology ) Cut Off Point is 18
  • BSc Aggro-Processing Cut-Off Point is 30
  • BSc Biochemistry Cut-Off Point is 14
  • BSc Chemistry Cut Off Point is 25
  • BSc Fisheries and Aquatic Science Cut Off Point is 30
  • BSc Industrial Chemistry Cut Off Point is 22
  • BSc Community Mental Health Nursing Cut Off Point is 24
  • BSc Mental Health Nursing Cut Off Point is 25
  • BSc Nursing Cut Off Point is 17
  • BSc Hospitality Management Cut Off Point is 20
  • BSc Tourism Management Cut Off Point is 29 


From the above, it shows that Home Economics students have many options of courses to choose from at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana.

Nevertheless, you must remember to obtain suitable grades to meet the University’s admission requirements.


University Of Cape Coast, Information About UCC Courses and Cut Off Points

Notably, every student who obtains from aggregate 6 to 36 has the right to admission.

Unfortunately, the lack of enough slots makes it necessary for the University to adopt a cut off point for every program.

For example, in recent years, the UCC general cut off point has been an aggregate of 24. 

Usually, the number of applicants for a particular program and the vacancies available in the University will determine the cut-off point.

As a result, you must work diligently to make the best grades to gain admission. 

Thus, the cut off point of University of Cape Coast, UCC Admission is not static. 

Finally, UCC courses and fees for Home Economics programs are higher than that of General Arts courses at UCC.


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