List Of UCC Education Courses

List Of UCC Education Courses – University Of Cape Coast

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Educareguide regularly outlines the list of education courses at UCC (University of Cape Coast).


List Of UCC Education Courses


University of Cape Coast – UCC) is a highly reputable and dynamic tertiary educational institution in Ghana. Indeed, that shows in the number of people who apply ton enroll at UCC.

Certainly, University of Cape Coast is originally set up to offer education programs to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Furthermore, intention of the Act that established the university, is to produce Teachers and instructors for Senior High Schools and Teacher Training Colleges in Ghana.

However, in recent years, the university keeps broadening its scope, by providing a wide variety of courses and programs for students at various levels for many fields.

As a matter of fact, the College of Education Studies is the sub-body under Cape Coast University that designs and rolls out Education programs. Specifically, the list of education courses at UCC are given below:


Bachelor Of Education Courses In UCC And Cut Off Points

The Full List Of Education Courses At UCC And Their Cut Off Points is published here.

Now, find in the list of all UCC education courses and the minimum admission requirements for applicants just below.

Furthermore, you can find the full list of all courses and programs offered at UCC and their admission requirement and cut off points.

Now let’s go through the list of education courses offered at University of Cape Coast:

  • B.Ed Health, Physical Education and Recreation Cut Off Point is 20
  • B.Ed  Arts Cut Off Point is 20
  • B.Ed Basic Education Cut Off Point is 25
  • B.Ed Computer Science Cut Off Point is
  • B.Ed Early Childhood Education Cut Off Point is 24
  • B.Ed Guidance and Counselling Cut Off Point is 27
  • B.Ed Home Economics Cut Off Point is 30
  • B.Ed Mathematics Cut Off Point is 19
  • B.Ed Science Cut Off Point is 23
  • B.Ed Social Science Cut Off Point is 15
  • B.Ed Social Studies Cut Off Point is 16
  • Ed Accounting Cut Off Point is 12
  • BEd Management Cut Off Point is 14
  • BSc Psychology Cut Off Point is 17

From the above, you realize that ucc offers courses under bachelor of arts in education.


Bachelor Of Arts In Education Courses Details

  • When you complete your undergraduate programme successfully, you can enroll in UCC Masters in Education programme, (M.Ed).
  • There are also UCC Sandwich Courses for applicants who cannot do a full time studies on the campuses of the university. Sandwich students go to the campus for a short period of time in the year to have their academic work. Thus the University of Cape Coast sandwich programme very short and intensive. Therefore, my advise to you is that, you must be a fast learner, and be able to learn under pressure to be able to succeed.
  • Notably, B.Ed Social Science is a very popular course under the Faculty of education. Thus, there are many courses under the social sciences department in UCC.
  • Also, all the above listed courses are being offered at UCC for the 2020 to 2021 academic year.
  • Very soon, we will make the UCC programmes pdf download available to you.


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