How Do I Get A Teaching License In Ghana, The Steps To Become A Professional Teacher In Ghana

how do i get a teaching license in ghana

The real question is, “How do I get a teaching license in Ghana?”. Teaching is a very popular and noble profession in Ghana.

Thus, the process of obtaining a teaching license in Ghana is a very detailed one. 

Remember that the requirements and procedures for becoming a teacher in Ghana have changed.

In this regard, Ghana’s teaching profession has become more refined over the past few years.

This guide informs you of the steps to obtain a teaching license in Ghana.

Thus, find all the information you need from the details below.


The Steps To Acquire A Teaching License In Ghana

So how do I get a teaching license in Ghana?

Indeed, you need to follow these steps to become a professional teacher in Ghana:

Educational Qualification: 

Ensure you meet the educational qualifications required for teaching in Ghana. 

Typically, this involves obtaining a bachelor’s degree in education from a recognized institution.


Teacher Training:

Complete a teacher training program accredited by Ghana’s National Accreditation Board (NAB). 

This step is essential for ensuring you have the pedagogical skills and knowledge to be an effective educator.



Obtain an application form for the teaching license from the Ghana Education Service (GES) or the Ministry of Education.



Prepare the required documents, including your educational certificates, teacher training certificates, passport-sized photographs, and other relevant identification or credentials.



Next, submit your completed application form and the required documents to the appropriate office, usually the GES regional or district office.



Your application will go through a review process, during which the authorities will assess your qualifications and suitability for a teaching license.



Next, applicants must pass a licensing examination to demonstrate their knowledge and competence in their chosen subject area or grade level.

Remember that passing the Licensure Examination has become quite difficult for people to achieve nowadays in Ghana.



If your application is approved, the NTC will issue you a teaching license, allowing you to teach in Ghana legally.

Upon issuing the certificate, you can then apply to teach in any school in Ghana.


Important Facts To Note:

Remember that these procedures keep changing from time to time.

Assuredly, we will keep updating you on the latest news regarding the Teacher Licensure Examination in Ghana.

You may also check the Ghana Education Service or the Ministry of Education website for the most current and accurate information about this subject matter.

Remember to keep in mind that government regulations and processes can change over time.


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