UCC Bcom Accounting Courses, University Of Cape Coast Business Course Entry Requirements

ucc bcom accounting courses

Educareguide considers it important to brief prospective students on Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting – i.e. UCC Bcom Accounting Courses – entry requirements at UCC – University Of Cape Coast.

Truly, the B.Com Accounting course or program is the topmost among the UCC business courses or programs.

As a result, Bcom in Accounting is the preference of most business students at Senior High School – SHS.

Surely, in this guide, you will find out the following:

  • The Nature of the BCom Accounting Program in relation to other courses at UCC.
  • The admission requirements to qualify to read Bcom Accounting.


What Is A Bachelor Of Commerce In Accounting?

Now, what Is BCom Accounting Degree? Surely, UCC Bcom Accounting degree is a preferred program for many business students who want to enroll at the University of Cape Coast.

Certainly, this is not surprising to me because accounting is the most popular business field in the world.

Indeed, the University of Cape Coast is a very reputable educational institution that does so well with modern business courses for university students. So, is BCom accounting difficult?

Truly, I can assure you that, bcom accounting is not difficult at all, contrary to the perception of many people who have not studied accounting commerce. Certainly, you will excel in the subject if you take it serious.

Furthermore, as we discuss the difficulty of accounting, do you need math for accounting? In fact, the relationship between mathematics is that, they all deal with numbers, and you must learn to be analytical in order to excel in accounting.

As a result, many students, especially, those who complete Senior High School, aspire to read accounting courses in UCC. In this article, we will explore the exact entry requirements of Bcom Accounting at the university.


What Is The Difference Between Bachelor Of Accounting And Bachelor Of Commerce In Accounting?

As a matter of fact, a Bachelor of Accounting at ucc can either be a Bachelor of Education in Accounting or A Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting.

Therefore Bachelor of Accounting is broader than Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting. Also, the Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting is a sub-program under the Bachelor of Accounting.

Furthermore, Please note that Bachelor of Education in Accounting – i.e. B. Ed Accounting – students read education courses in addition to the accounting and business courses.

However, Bachelor of Commerce In accounting students do no read education courses in addition to the accounting and business courses.

Indeed, UCC accounting education offers students more opportunities on the job market than Bcom Accounting.


Which Subject Is Best For Accounting?

Certainly, many universities and colleges offer accounting courses and for their students. Now, the interesting thing is that, universities and colleges give different titles for their accounting programs.

For example, some universities name their accounting program Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Bsc Business Admin.

On the other hand, some other universities  call their accounting accounting course Bachelor of Commerce Accounting – Bcom Accounting. Now, which BCom degree is best?

Indeed, when it comes to question – is BCom a good degree – I will say that, the title of a course or program does not really matter much. However, its the content of the courses that makes the difference.


Is BCom Better Than BA?

Actually, the difference between BCom and BA is that Bachelor of Commerce entails accumulation know and learning experiences in the world of business whiles Bachelor of Arts concentrates around the field of art.

Thus, the focus of the B Com course is to train you to be knowledgeable to work as a business executive in any organization whether private or public.

However, arts focuses on how to train you to appreciate the very foundation of nature society and how to preserve same for the human to co-exist with his/her world. That’s why I always say that, the arts is the very foundation of world and existence of humanity.


Is BCom Law Difficult?

As a matter of fact, all bcom student read a little bit of law as part of the courses to study in order to graduate as a business student. Certainly, it is for this reason that Bachelor of Commerce students study the following courses:

  • Law of Contract
  • Commercial Law
  • Company Law or Corporate Law

Indeed the purpose of these law courses for business students is to prepare you to understand the law as it relates to business transactions and activities that you may engage in.


How Long Is A BCom Degree?

Normally, a typical BCom degree course takes about three to four years to complete. Thus, some colleges use to give students up to three years to finish your bcomm degree program whiles others give up to a maximum of four years.

Be it as it may, the efficiency of modern times makes some universities around the world offer two years becom degree programmes to students. 

As a matter of fact, the UCC BCom Degree program duration is 4 years. However, you have up to 5 years to complete the program in case you differ your university course for one year.


What Can I Study In B Com?

Now, if you opt to read B Com  in UCC, or any other university, these are some of the courses you are likely to learn and pass in  order to graduate:

  • Intermediate Accounting
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Business Law
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Advanced Accounting
  • Auditing


Bcom UCC – Grades You Should Obtain In Core Subjects

Before you can gain admission to read B.Com (Accounting) at UCC, the  Entry Requirements for core subjects are as follows:

  • English                                         A1-C6
  • Core Mathematics                     A1-C6
  • Integrated Science                     A1-C6
  • Social Studies                              A1-C6

Because Bachelor of Commerce is among the humanities courses or programs at the University of Cape Coast, social studies is normally used to compute your aggregate.

Nevertheless, you must obtain a credit pass (i.e. A1 to C6) in Integrated Science, to qualify for this program. Also, remember that ucc accounting courses are very competitive programs. Check our site for full WAEC Result Interpretation.


Elective Subjects Requirements – BCom (Accounting) UCC

In Addition to the above four core subjects, applicants seeking to read BCom Accounting at UCC must get credit passes in three elective subjects, including accounting.

Henceforth, you should get at least C6 in all elective subjects. Also, you must realize that the maximum number of aggregate  to  obtain admission to read ucc bcom accounting courses is aggregate 36 (most often, there are variations, depending on the situation).

Surely, the university computes your aggregate by taking your best 3 core subjects and your best three electives subjects. Thereupon, the sum of all your six grades constitutes your aggregate.


B.Com(Accounting) Entry Requirements UCC Cut Off Point

Though the university has set the maximum aggregate for ucc bcom accounting courses  at 36. Nevertheless, it reserves the right to set specific cut off points from year to year.

Notably, the specific requirements set for UCC Bachelor of Commerce(accounting) is dependent on the performance of applicants and the capacity of the university in that specific year.

For example, university can set the maximum for Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) in a particular year at aggregate 10.

Factually, the cut off point for Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting (B.Com Accounting) for the 2020/2021 academic year is aggregate 13. Check out the full list of Programs/Courses and their cut off points at UCC from our site.


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  1. Alhassan Divine

    Pls I had the FF results and I want to offer B.com (finance or Management) at UCC I’m I qualified?
    English c6
    Maths c5
    Social b2
    Science d7
    Accounting c4
    Management b2
    Economics b2

  2. I am a general art student and I had aggregate 12 with
    Core maths b3
    English c4
    Social A1
    Integrated science B2
    Elective mathematics A1
    Economic B2
    Elective ict B2
    Geography B2
    Can I offer bcom in accounting at ucc

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