BCom UCC Admission Requirements

BCom UCC Admission Requirements – Bachelor Of Commerce

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Educareguide considers it important to brief prospective students on Bachelor of Commerce (i.e. B Comm) admission requirements at UCC (University Of Cape Coast).


BCom UCC Admission Requirements


Truly, the B.Com course or program is the topmost among the University of Cape Coast courses.

As a result, it is the preference of most business students at SHS. Indeed, University of Cape Coast is a very reputable institution in Ghana and has a very high popularity.

As a result, many students, especially, those who complete Senior High School, dream or desire to enter into such a respected academic institution to read Bcomm.

In this article, we will explore the various programs or courses under Bachelor of Commerce, and the exact entry requirements for WASSCE students.


UCC Business Courses Under B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce)

  • First, Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting (B.Com Accounting)
  • Second, Bachelor of Commerce in Finance (B.Com Finance)
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management (B.Com Human Resource Management)
  • Then, Bachelor of Commerce in Management (B.Com Management)


Core Subjects Requirements – B.Com UCC

Before you can gain admission to read B.Com at UCC, the admission requirements for core subjects are as follows:

  • English                                         A1-C6
  • Core Mathematics                     A1-C6
  • Integrated Science                     A1-C6
  • Social Studies                              A1-C6

Because Bachelor of Commerce is among the humanities courses or programs at University of Cape Coast, social studies is normally used to compute your aggregate, in order to assess you for BCom UCC Admission Requirements.

Nevertheless, you must obtain a credit pass (i.e. A1 to C6) in Integrated Science, to qualify for this program. Check our site for full WAEC Result Interpretation.


Elective Subjects Requirements – BCom At UCC

In Addition to the above four core subjects, applicants seeking to gain admission to read BCom at UCC must get credit passes in three business elective subjects (i.e. Financial Accounting; Business Management; Cost Accounting; Economics; Elective Mathematics).

Henceforth, you should get at least C6 in all elective subjects.

Also, you must realize that the maximum number of aggregate  to  obtain to qualify for admission is aggregate 36 (most often, there are variations, depending on the situation).

Surely, the university computes your aggregate by taking your best 3 core subjects and your best three electives subjects.

Thereupon, the sum of all your six grades constitutes your aggregate.


B.Com Entry Requirements UCC Cut Off Point

Though the university has set the maximum aggregate at 36. Nevertheless, it reserves the right to set specific cut off points from year to year.

Notably, the specific requirements set is dependent on the performance of applicants and the capacity of the university in that specific year.

For example, university can set the maximum for Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting, in a particular year at aggregate 10.

Factually, the cut off point for Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting (B.Com Accounting) for the 2020/2021 academic year is aggregate 13. Check out the full list of Programs/Courses and their cut off points from our site.



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5 thoughts on “BCom UCC Admission Requirements – Bachelor Of Commerce”

  1. Please I want you to give me the chance to offer BCom accounting option with aggregrade 16
    Because I can’t live my career without this course please
    Core mathematics-B2
    Social studies-B3
    English language-C6
    Business management-A1
    Principle of cost accounting-A1
    Financial accounting-B3
    That is my result please

  2. Ebenezer Ohene Darko

    Hello, my name is Ebenezer Ohene Darko, could please tell the major difference between years ago B.com offered UCC and the current one being offered especially B.com in Finance and B.com in Accounting as against the general B.com offered to some years ago.
    Could you also forward me copies of the detailed course contents for both B.com in Finance and B.com in Accounting. Thanks

  3. Will I gain admission with the following results
    English C5, Maths B3, Social C6, Science D7
    Accounting A1, Costing B2, Economics C4 and Management C4
    I’m interested in Bachelor of science in accounting

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