How To Use Our Website

Be patient as we walk you through how to use our website to your full benefit.

The question about what educareguide offers to visitors is fully answered here.  Our agenda is to help people solve their problems and challenges in education and careers.

For this reason, we focus on only educational and academic content. As a result, we provide a very educative and exciting university and college education.

Certainly,  Educareguide believes that life must be well-lived and lived totally. 

For instance, we provide comprehensive content on Past Questions and answers to help pupils/students prepare and pass their Examinations.

You can find further details of our services below.


What Services Do We Offer To Our Visitors?

  • We provide information on courses and programs at many universities, schools, and colleges.
  • Information and Past Questions and answers of examining bodies, such as Waec,  Cambridge International College, etc.
  • We provide information about how to login to the Student portal and how to use the portal.
  • We provide information on admission requirements to universities, schools, and colleges.
  • Also, we provide information on career guides and opportunities available to graduates.


How To Use Our Website

  • We give you access to all examination questions (WASSCE, ICM, CIC, ACCA, ICA, etc.), Questions over the years in a state where the answer is not included in the question. This makes you try your hands on the questions before referring to the answers later to assess yourself.
  • One thing about Us – Educareguide is that you can access readily available suggested answers by clicking on the link directly below the question. This takes you to the page where the answer to the question is located. Sometimes, additional explanations and notes are added to give the student further insight into the question.


Navigation – How To Go through Our Website

  • You can also navigate straight forward to the answer page of the question to learn both the questions and the answers simultaneously. This also serves as a revision exercise for you.
  • The SEARCH button on the page also allows you to search for any content you wish to read. It can be a specific year’s question, a topic or sub-topic, a word, or a terminology.


How To Sigh-Up To Receive Notification On Our New Articles And Updates

  • There is a subscription notification when you open a page for the first on our website. Thus, you can subscribe to our site by clicking on the button. As a result, you will receive notifications on new content and updates on our site to keep you informed.
  • Also, you can comment on any of your articles, and we gladly respond to you in time as soon as possible. It also allows you to interact with our seasoned specialists, ready to assist you online with your educational needs.

Now, I will expose you to some of our achievements over the years. Continue to read on, and it will blow your mind.



Before you act on any information on our website, please read our disclaimer, privacy policy, and cookies policy and be very sure about it. Indeed, we wish you all the best of experience on our site.