When Is Boston University Graduation 2023, What To Expect At Boston University Graduation

when is boston university graduation

When is the Boston University Graduation happening in 2023, and what must you expect at the Graduation ceremony?

Graduation day is a significant milestone in students’ lives, symbolizing the culmination of years of hard work, dedication, and academic achievement.

Suppose you’re a Boston University student, proud parent, family member, or friend of a soon-to-be graduate.

In that case, you may be eagerly awaiting details about when Boston University’s graduation ceremonies take place.

In this article, we’ll explore when Boston University typically holds its graduation ceremonies and provide some insights into what you can expect from this joyous occasion.


Boston University Graduation Dates

Boston University typically holds its graduation ceremonies twice yearly.

Therefore, this corresponds to the two primary academic semesters: spring and fall.


Activities Involved In The Boston University Graduation Ceremony

Here’s a general overview of when these graduation ceremonies usually occur:


Spring Graduation:

The primary spring commencement ceremony at Boston University usually takes place in May.

The specific date can vary yearly but typically falls on a weekend towards the middle or end of the month. In recent years, it is often done on a Sunday.


Fall Graduation:

Boston University also holds a smaller commencement ceremony for students who complete their degrees in the fall semester.

This event typically occurs in December, towards the end of the month, allowing December graduates to celebrate their achievements with family and friends.

It’s important to note that the dates for Boston University’s graduation ceremonies may change yearly, so it’s crucial to check the university’s official website and academic calendar for the most up-to-date information.

The university typically announces each ceremony’s specific dates and details well in advance.


What to Expect at Boston University Graduation

Boston University graduation ceremonies are memorable and well-organized events that celebrate the academic accomplishments of its students.

Here’s what you can expect if you plan to attend a Boston University graduation ceremony:



Graduation ceremonies at Boston University are often held at notable venues in the city, such as the Agganis Arena or Nickerson Field, depending on the size of the graduating class.

These locations provide ample seating for graduates and their guests.



The commencement schedule usually includes events leading up to the main ceremony, such as individual school and college conferences, senior breakfasts, and other celebratory gatherings.

These events allow graduates to connect with faculty, classmates, and loved ones.



Boston University often invites distinguished guest speakers or notable alums to deliver commencement addresses.

These speeches offer inspirational and insightful messages to graduates as they commence on the next chapter of their lives.


Awarding of Degrees:

The ceremony’s highlight is awarding degrees. Graduates are called to the stage individually, where they receive their diplomas or are symbolically recognized for their academic achievements.



Boston University graduation ceremonies may include various academic conventions, such as the processional and recessional, the conferral of honorary degrees, and the playing of the university’s alma mater.



Following the main ceremony, graduates and their families often celebrate with lunches, dinners, or other gatherings in Boston’s vibrant and historic neighborhoods.


Important Things To Note:

Boston University holds graduation ceremonies in both the spring and fall semesters, typically in May and December.

These ceremonies are joyous occasions that mark the culmination of students’ academic journeys.

While the dates may vary yearly, the university provides ample information and support to help graduates and their families plan for this important event.

If you’re part of the Boston University community, stay updated through official channels to ensure you take advantage of the opportunity to celebrate this significant achievement.


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