MasterCard Scholarship For Students, Who Qualifies For The Scholarship Scheme?

masterCard scholarship for students

MasterCard Scholarship for students offers a great deal of hope to many people who might not have gotten the opportunity for tertiary education.

MasterCard Foundation offers scholarships for eligible students through various programs and partnerships with universities and institutions worldwide.

Thus there are students from various universities around the world that benefit from the MasterCard Scholarship.

So which category of students benefit from the MasterCard scholarship?

Please find the answer to this question in the details below.


Students Who Qualifies For MasterCard Scholarship

Now let’s look at students that benefit from the MasterCard Scholarship.

Indeed, the MasterCard scholarship aims to provide educational opportunities to economically disadvantaged and talented students from developing countries.

Therefore, you must be a brilliant but needy student to qualify for the scholarship scheme.

So which educational expenses does the MasterCard Scholarship cover?

Please find the answer to that question in the details below.


What Does MasterCard Scholarship Cover

Indeed, the MasterCard Scholarship covers a lot of educational expenses for students.

Interestingly, the scholarship programs often cover educational expenses such as:

  • tuition fees,
  • accommodation,
  • living expenses,
  • books, and
  • sometimes even travel costs.

Remember that sometimes the scheme may cover more or less than the scope stated above, depending on your educational institution.

However, please note that information about scholarship programs can change over time, and the Foundation might introduce new programs to the scheme.

I recommend visiting the official MasterCard Foundation website or contacting relevant educational institutions to get the most up-to-date information about their scholarship opportunities for students.


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