University Of Ghana Admission Requirements – Find Out Whether You Qualify For Admission At Legon – UG

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Educareguide considers important to brief prospective students of University of Ghana, the “General Admission Requirement Of University Of Ghana”.


Admission Requirement University Of Ghana


Indeed, the university of Ghana is the premier university in Ghana and has a very reputation. Thus, University of Ghana admission requirements is of interest to many SHS graduates.

Certainly, it is the preference of many students, especially, Senior High School pupils dream to enter such a respected academic institution.

Now, how can I get admission in University of Ghana Legon?

Certainly, one of the surest ways to secure admission at University of Ghana is to have the admission requirements that Legon expect every applicant to possess to enable you apply for admission confidently. 

Let’s look at certain brief fact about Legon admission requirements 2021.


Does University Of Ghana Accept D7:

Now, can you take D7 to the university of Ghana?

For the purpose of adhering to tertiary admission laws of Ghana is why Legon does not accept D7. Sincerely, it is will of Legon to admit all its admission applicants.

However, you must work very hard if you have the intention to gain admission to University of Ghana.

Notably, it has come to the notice of Educareguide, that there is a lot of confusion surrounding University of Ghana courses and requirements.

For example, one may ask “what grades should I get to qualify to university of Ghana”? Henceforth, just relax,  for all your answers about Legon requirements are right here.

Factually, the University of Ghana does not accept D7 as admission requirement.

Furthermore, let’s look at some other details regarding the issue of D7 when it comes to Legon courses and requirements. 

As a matter of fact, is D7 accepted by the University of Ghana? Certainly, you will find the answer to this question about admission requirements for Legon below.


Is D7 Accepted In University of Ghana?

First of all, WAEC is the official examining body in most West African countries. WAEC administer and certify senior high school students in Ghana, who then apply to enter into the university of Ghana, UG-Legon.

According to WAEC Result Interpretation, D7 is just a pass. Moreover, the University of Ghana does not accept D7 for its admission requirement into undergraduate programs.

In fact, the minimum grade you must get to gain admission to University of Ghana is C6. This is because, C6 is a credit, whiles D7 is just a pass.

As can be seen, it is very clear that the University of Ghana -UG Legon, does not accept D7, E8 and F9. 

Now, you find University of Ghana entry requirements for all courses HERE.

Furthermore, let’s look into detail, the grades you must obtain in which subject to gain admission into University of Ghana. Find more information on entry requirements for Legon 2021/2022, as you read on.


Legon Courses And Grades University Of Ghana

Now, what grades must you have to qualify you for University of Ghana admission. I must say as a matter of that, the requirements stated here is for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Nevertheless, it will not differ so much from the requirements of subsequent years or the years ahead. Let now look at the admission requirements.

An applicant must obtain A1 – C6 in WASSCE  or A – D in SSSCE in all the subjects written in order to attain admission to the Legon. Let’s look at the core subjects first.


Core Subjects Requirements At Legon – University Of Ghana

Before you can gain admission into University of Ghana, you must obtain the following quality grades in core subjects:

English                                            A1-C6

Core Mathematics                        A1-C6

Integrated Science                       A1-C6

Social Studies                               A1-C6


Requirement For Elective Subject

In Addition to the above four core subjects, you must make between grade A1 to C6 in all your elective subject to be able to make it to the Legon (as where normally call University of Ghana).

Henceforth, you should get at least C6 in all elective subjects in order to qualify for admission into the university.

Also, students should realize that the maximum number of aggregate you should obtain to qualify for admission is aggregate 24 (sometimes there are considerations).

Surely, WAEC computes your aggregate by taking your best 3 core subjects and your best three electives subjects. Thereupon, the sum of the grades in these best six subjects is used to calculate your aggregate.


Requirements For Specific Years

Notably, the National Council for Tertiary Education sets the maximum aggregate at 24.

Nevertheless, every University reserves the right to decide on its specific entry requirements from year to year. Normally, this is based on situational factors.

Also, the specific requirements set is dependent on the performance of applicants that year and the capacity of the university to admit them.

Definitely, we are talking about infrastructural constraints here.

For example, University of Ghana can set the maximum aggregate for Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at 10 in a particular year. Surely, this will be as result limited facilty.

Now, what are the courses offered at Legon? Check out the full list of Courses offered at Legon and their cut off points from HERE.

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Surely, you will find many other answers to every questions bordering you on legon admission in our other guides listed below.


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    1. As a matter of fact, the answer to your question is NO. The current admissions are being offered to those who applied for the 2020/2021 academic year. Applicants are receiving their admission letters now as result of the covid-19 situation which led to the rescheduling of the university calendar. If you want to apply for admission now, then you should wait for some where around February when new admission Forms is sold. Thank you very much.

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