WAEC WASSCE Grading System 2023, & WASSCE Results Interpretation, The Meaning Of Your Waec Result

waec wassce grading system

Many Senior High School students are unaware of the Waec Wassce Grading System for the 2023 examination and its Results Interpretation. 

In light of this, Educareguide has put together this guide to educate you about the grading system for SHS Wassce results.

Waec is the official body responsible for examining and grading Junior High School and Senior High School students in selected West African countries.

Meanwhile, please note that Waec also conducts other examinations to award other certificates and diplomas.

As a result, the scope of Waec is quite broad.

Therefore, we have Waec Nigeria, Waec Ghana, Waec Sierra Leone, The Waec Gambia, and Waec Liberia.

Nevertheless, it would help if you realized that all these countries have peculiar educational systems, even though they participate in Waec examinations.

Find out how to check your Wassce results here.

Now, what is the grading system for Wassce 2023?


Grading System For Wassce 2023 With Marks

Due to the competitive nature of admissions worldwide, it is better to understand the SHS grading system that GES implements in Ghana through Waec.

Equipping yourself with this knowledge will set your examination targets and strive to achieve them accordingly.

Also, for those of you still at SHS, knowing the Wassce grading system will motivate you to aim for quality grades in your upcoming secondary school examination.

On the other hand, this guide will help those who have completed SHS to evaluate their results well before applying for admission into any tertiary institution.

In this regard, you will strive to get the best grades to secure admission to a university, college, or school.

Likewise, you may also enter into a profession directly with your high school result, such as the Police Service, Military, etc.

Now, how do I calculate my Wassce result? Please find the answer you need right below. 

First, let us look at the grading system and the structure for Wassce exams. 

Also, you will find the interpretation of the Waec score range and grade below.


Wassce Results Interpretation

Please check out the complete Wassce grade interpretation for Waec result in the table below.

Remember that Waec interpreted Wassce results according to Grade, Equivalence, Score, and Interpretation.

Now, this is the current Waec grading system for Wassce students:












Very Good






























For instance, in the Wassce grades interpretation above, you will find that, to obtain an A in Wassce, you need to get 75% to 100%, equivalent to 1, and interpreted as excellent.

However, you must remember that the Waec grading system for Wassce 2023 is not static.

Instead, experience over the years has shown that it sometimes changes according to the performance of Wassce candidates for that year.


Waec Grading System System pdf Download

Assuredly, never worry because we will soon make the Waec grading system 2023 pdf available for you to download.

Others refer to the pdf version as the Waec grading system image download. Now let’s us find out more about that below:


Grading System For Wassce 2023

Now, are there any changes to the Wassce grading system 2020 for the 2023 Waec Examination? Assuredly, you will find the answer right here.

As I indicated above, the Wassce grading system is very flexible. Thus, Waec sometimes adjusts the grading structure to suit the performance of students of a specific year.

For this reason, Waec may adjust the grading policy in a particular year per the results that candidates obtained in that year.

Nevertheless, the official grading system has remained the same for relatively many years.

Also, I must emphasize that the current Waec grading system clarifies that any marks below 54 disqualify you from gaining admission to a university in Ghana.

Therefore, the highest grade for admission into a Ghanaian university is grade C6.

For example, Waec can fix the marks for A1 in business management at 80-100 if too many students scored above 70 marks in that subject that year.

Similarly, Waec may give A1 to candidates who score 60-70 in Core Mathematics if students general performance in that year is poor. Undoubtedly, this explains why I said the Waec grading system is flexible.

Furthermore, let’s look at specific interesting facts about the Waec grading system image above.


The Wassce 2023 Grading System

The examining body has designed the New Waec grading system 2023 to assess and grade students who write the Waec examination.

Certainly, Ghanaian students are no exception. In this regard, the 2023 Wassce grading system ensures fairness and equity.

The Waec new grading system 2021 is not much different from the Waec grading system 2019 and Waec grading system 2020.

Surely, remember that the previous Waec grading policy is the reference for crafting the Wassce grading system for the 2023 examination.

Now let’s check some interesting facts of the new Waec grading policy for 2023 exams below:

  • Firstly, Waec is the official examining body mandated by the regulatory authorities to examine senior high students across the West African Sub-region. Thus, Waec grades students and certify them for higher academic pursuits.
  • Secondly, Waec determines your final grade according to the continuous assessment records you got in school in addition to what you obtain in your final exams.
  • Thirdly, every tertiary educational institution has its admission requirement based their facilities and statutory regulations. Thus, the law of every country imposes specific minimum admission requirements on tertiary institutions. For example, in Ghana, the highest aggregate you can use to gain admission into a university is aggregate 24. Now, Learn how to calculate your Wassce grades and aggregates below.

So what is the pass mark for wassce 2023 examination? Find that right below.


The Pass Mark For Wassce 2023

Now, what is the pass mark for Wassce 2023 exams?

If you check from the above result interpretation, you will realize that the pass mark for the Wassce 2023 examination is 40 and above.

Clearly, this means that you should get at least E8 in all the subjects you write before you can get a certificate from Waec.


How To Calculate Wassce Grades And Aggregates

Indeed, Waec computes your aggregate by adding up the numerical values of the grades you have on your results slip.

From the above, you will realize that there are numbers Waec attaches to every grade. Thus take those numbers and add them up.

Usually, they use your best three core subjects and best three elective subjects to calculate your Waec Wassce aggregate.

For example, your aggregate will be six(6) if you get A1 in your six best-performed subjects. Also, your aggregate will be 12 if your six best grades are B2, and so on.

Again, if you get five A1 and one B3 as your best six grades, you will get an aggregate eight. Sometimes, some refer to the above analysis as Wassce GPA calculator, and I agree with them.

Now try some grades combinations for yourself for deeper understanding.

Nevertheless, if you are having any difficulty calculating your aggregate, please contact us, and we will assist you. Now, how do I check my Wassce result? Find every information you need below.


How To Check Waec Result Using Phone – Here Is It

In addition to all the information above, the next most important thing is how to check your Waec Wassce results.

Certainly, Educareguide has provided a simple free Wassce results checker to enable you quickly check your Wassce exams results on our website.

Thus, click HERE to check your Waec results for free. Given the points above, that’s not all you need to know. Consider the other key fact below:


Other Information About Waec Grading Results Interpretation

  • In fact, despite aggregate 24 set by the National Council for Tertiary Education, universities reserve the right to scale the aggregate further down. This is dependent on the quota available and the performance of students in that year. For instance, the University of Cape Coast may accept up to aggregate 10 for the Bachelor of Commerce program.
  • Also, universities in Ghana do not accept D7, E8 and F9 grades for admission. Moreover, this is a statutory regulation imposed on them by National Council for Tertiary Education. Any candidate who gets D7, E8 and F9 must rewrite the Wassce examination to qualify for admission.
  • In essence, Educareguide advises students who want to easily secure admission to their program of choice should get at least a minimum of C4 in one or two subjects.


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