Business Management Questions And Answers – 2019 WASSCE Past Questions

Business Management 2019 WASSCE

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Business Management Past Questions 2019 – Overview

First of all, let’s find out the structure and the general overview of the 2019 Business management past question below.

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Business Management Questions And Answers

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Business Management Wassce 2019 – The Nature Of The Paper

Now, what is the nature of the 2019 Business Management wassce examination? Here is the answer:

You are given 3 hours to answer the questions in this examination. There are two Papers in the examination, (and these are Paper 1 and Paper 2).Paper 1 is an Objective Test and Paper 2 is a written theory paper.

There are 50 questions in the Paper 1. Finally, there are 4 questions in the Paper 2. The 4 questions is made up of 1 Case Study and 7 other questions.

You are suppose to answer question 1 and any other 3 questions from the Paper 2. They are asked to tests the student’s general understanding of the various topics under business management. Answer

Paper 2 which comes first, in your answer booklet and Paper 1 on your Objective Test answer sheet. Paper 2 will last for 2 hours after which the answer booklet will be collected. Do not start Paper 1 until you are told to do so.

Paper 1 will last for 1 hourI must emphasize that, in order to pass your WASSCE questions with good answers, you need to practice critical thinking. This is because, some of the questions are tricky.


The Summary Of The Business Management Exam Questions And Answers

Now, let’s find out, how many papers and sittings are there for the Business Management 2019 WASSCE paper?

As a matter of fact, the WASSCE Business management Paper for 2019 can summarized below:

  • 2019 WASSCE Business Management Paper 2
  • 2019 WASSCE Business Management Paper 1



Business Management 2019 WASSCE-Past Questions and Answers- Paper 2

 ESSAY [70 marks]

Answer four(4) questions in all: Question one(1) and any other three(3) questions.

Credit will he given for clarity of expression and orderly presentation of relevant materials. Read the case below carefully and answer the questions which follow.

This paper is made up of a case study and nine other theory questions. Please read the case carefully before attempting the questions.

As I have always said, this Business Management questions and answers needs critical reading and understanding of the questions, most especially, the case.

As I have always said, it is better to first answer the questions on your own before referring to the answer from the drop-down symbol.

Let me show you how to find the answers to the Business Management Questions – Paper 1, Section B. When you read a question, just click on this symbol (˅) beside it, and the answer will drop down for you. It is a very simple task.



Read the following case and answer the questions that follow   [expand title=””]



Mrs. Winifred Teye had worked since 1990 as a caterer in a restaurant of a large departmental store. She worked long hours and earned good wages. She saved regularly because she had the intention of starting her own business.

Her fortune turned around in September 2010 when she received financial support from her aunt, to complement her own savings. She invested it in an existing business, Kemoh Limited, that produces ice cream. She re-registered the business under a new name: Best Ice Cream Company Limited.

Mrs. Teye worked with high determination to ensure the success of the business. Some of the things she did were that, she came out with a trade name and logo, improved the interior design of the business premises, recruited and trained a number of sales persons.

By the third year after commencing operations on her own, Mrs Teye had opened three sales outlets in addition to the one she initially bought. She now finds the business profitable and plans to open two new sales outlets by the fifth year.

Her plans also include a mobile sales force that would do home and corporate deliveries. She has estimated the cost of expansion to be one hundred thousand dollars. She is confident to finance up to 50 % of the cost from her existing business.

Mrs Teye is now contemplating on the sources from which to raise the remaining 50 % of the required finance for the expansion.  [/expand]

1(a) List three attributes of Mrs. Teye as an entrepreneur. [3 marks]

Suggested Answer:   [expand title=””]

  • She believed in the training and development of here employees.
  • She developed the image and brand of her enterprise
  • She makes the business premises very comfortable for operations.  [/expand]

1(b) Explain three factors that accounted for the success-of Best Ice Cream Company Limited. [6 marks]

Suggested Answer:   [expand title=””]

  • Branding and improving on the image of the enterprise. Mrs. Teye, made sure that she changed the the name and logo of the enterprise.
  • She also improved the working environment and made it conducive for working.
  • Recruitment and training: – She recruited newly qualified staff and also trained the existing ones for better efficiency.  [/expand]

1(c) State four features of Best Ice Cream Company Limited as a private limited liability company. [8 marks]

Suggested Answer:   [expand title=””]

Features of Private Limited Liability Company
Number of Owners:

 A minimum membership of two (2) members and a maximum of fifty (50) shareholders can form a private limited liability company.

Transferability of Shares:

There is restriction on the rights of members to transfer their shares. That is, share holders of a private limited liability company cannot easily transfer their shares without the consent of all the other members (shareholders) of the company.

Issuance of Shares:

It is prohibited from issuing its shares to the general public. It has no right to advertise its shares for public purchase. Also, it cannot invite the public through the stock exchange to buy shares. Thus people in the general public cannot contribute to the capital of the business.

Publishing of Annual Account:

It is not required by law to publish its final accounts.


It is not required to acquire all the documents expected of a public limited liability company.

Commencement of Operations:

A private limited liability company can start business, as soon as it obtains the certificate of incorporation. [/expand]


1(d) State four sources from where Mrs Teye can raise the remaining 50 % of funds needed for the expansion. [8 marks]

Suggested Answer:   [expand title=””]

Sources of Business Finance Available to a a Private Limited Liability Company:


  • Issues of shares
  • Issues of debentures
  • Bank loans
  • Hire Purchase
  • Leasing
  • Sale and Lease-back
  • Business Angels  [/expand]


2(a) List three parties to a Bill of Exchange. [3 marks]

Suggested Answer:   [expand title=””]

There are three parties to a bill:

The Drawer:

The person who gives the order to pay – the

The Drawee:

The person to whom the order to pay is given –  

The Payee:

The person to whom payment is to be made.  [/expand]

2(b) List four features of a Bill of Exchange in international trade. [4 marks]

Suggested Answer:   [expand title=””]

  • It must be in writing.
  • The order must be unconditional.
  • It must be addressed by one person to another and it must be an order to pay.
  • It must require payment to be made to a specified person or to the bearer.
  • It must be signed by the drawer
  • It must require the buyer to pay a sum of money on demand or in a fixed future date.
  • The buyer must accept the bill by writing the word accepted across its face and followedby his signature
  • It must order payment of a sum certain in money  [/expand]

2(c) State four functions of a commercial bank. [8 marks]

Suggested Answer:   [expand title=””]

Accepting deposits:

Commercial Banks accept deposits from the general public including savings account, Deposit account and current account. They therefore provide a safe place for keeping customer’s money.

Granting credit facilities:

These banks grant credit facilities to their customers in the forms of loans and overdrafts. Commercial banks therefore provide businessmen with money to finance their activities.

Keeping other valuables:

Commercial banks apart from keeping money also keep customers valuables such as wills, certificates, life policies, securities as well as title deeds.

Making payments on behalf of their customers:

They make payments on behalf of their customers upon the written consent of the customers. Commercial Banks also receive dividends and other monies on behalf of their customers.

Serving as trustees and referees:

Commercial banks serve as trustees and referees for their customers, recommending such customers when necessary to other banks.


They also reduce unemployment by employing people. Unemployment is a challenge for many governments across the globe. Therefore, it is the interest of any government to ensure the banking sector of the economy grows, to provide employment to many people.

The banking sector provides both direct and indirect employment to people. We will analyze this in our subsequent updates. That’s why you must subscribe to our page or bookmark for easy visit.


Also, they provide expert advice on investment and business opportunities to their customer. Now why should commercial banks perform such a role?

This is because, it the interest of every bank to ensure that, its client business progresses and become more profitable.

Therefore, when banks provides advisory services to their business customers and the business progresses, the business will make bore deposit to boast the liquidity of the bank.  [/expand]


3(a) List two techniques in time management

Suggested Answer:   [expand title=””]

Plan your day in advance:

it helps to properly organize your work

Take regular breaks:

When you work continuously, you brain gets stressed up. It is always good to take some break so that you body can refresh.

Reduce the time you spend on answering emails

Delegate when necessary:

Accept tasks which you can have time to perform and delegate the rest.  [/expand]

3(b) Explain the term trade union

Suggesed Answer:   [expand title=””]

Trade union is an association of workers with the interest of seeking their welfare and better working condition. It is normally referred as Trade Union Congress (TUC). An example is the German Confederation of Trade Unions; Trades Union Congress (TUC) of UK; American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO), etc.  [/expand]

3(c) Outline five functions of a trade union.

Suggesed Answer:   [expand title=””]

  • Job Security

Membership of a union provides an employee with a measure of protection. . Members are protected against exploitation, unfair and arbitrary treatment, harassment, and un lair dismissals and so. it ensures the security of members.

  • Enforcing minimum wages and salaries

The TUC ensures that employers pay their employees the minimum legislated wages or salaries. Unions also ensure that employers obtain and maintain just, proper and equitable rate of wages, hours of work and other conditions of labour

  • Satisfaction of Employees’ needs

TUC also ensures that employers satisfy the needs of employees. For example employees should be remunerated according to their qualification and output at work.

  • Improvement of working conditions

Unions ensure that employers conform to the ffictory, office and shop- act of 1970 which compels employers by law to be responsible for making certain provisions for safety, health and welfare of employees at their work place.

  • Settle Disputes

Unions regulate relations and settle disputes between their members and their employers. Unions also provide assistance in times of sickness or other personal distress. They also provide educational opportunities at union sponsored schools.  [/expand]


4(a) What is marketing?

Suggesed Answer:   [expand title=””]

According to McCarthy/Perreault, Basic Marketing — A Global Managerial Approach, marketing as ‘the performance of activities that seek to accomplish an organization’s objectives by anticipating customer or client needs and directing a flow of need satisfying goods and services from producer to customer or client.

Marketing is a process of anticipating the needs of customers and directing products to meet such needs.  [/expand]

4(b) Explain the elements of marketing mix.

Suggesed Answer:   [expand title=””]

The term marketing mix is used to describe the four major inputs in marketing managed by an organisation. The following are the elements of the marketing mix:


A product is anything that can be offered to a market for attention, acquisition, use or consumption that might satisfy a want or need. It is anything that provides utility, (satisfaction) to consumers.


It is the main determinant of demand for a product and it is the only element of the mix which produces revenue to the organisation.


It deals with the methods and techniques used to inform customers or consumers about the availability of a product or service and also persuade them to buy.


It is concerned with the distribution of goods and services to consumers at required place at the right time and right condition.  [/expand]


5(a) List five external sources of recruitment to an organization

Suggesed Answer:   [expand title=””]

There are many sources of external recruitment opened to a firm. These include:


Educational Institutions:

Organizations and companies sometimes recruit fresh graduates from schools, colleges, polytechnics and the universities

Private Employment Agencies:

Employers who cannot go through the process of recruitment engage consulting firms to do the recruitment for them. Private employment agencies have a pool of applicants specializing in different areas and supply them to the organisations,at a fee.

Labour Department:

This is a public agency found in almost all regional capitals where employees in search of employment and employers searching for employees go to register. An arrangement is then made to link the employer with the prospective employee.


This is the most common and popular source of external recruitment where companies announce their employment opportunities through the newspapers, magazines, journals, radio and television.

It is the most frequently used method and consist of a brief statement of the nature of the job and its requirements and the compensation paid

Unsolicited Applicants:

People who are seeking for jobs sometimes apply to organizations without being aware of vacancies in those organizations.

If there are vacancies, the applicant may be asked to go through the screening process. Where vacancies arc not immediately available, his name will be placed on the waiting list.

Employees Referrals:

Companies sometimes announce job vacancies to their staff and ask them to recommend friends, relatives and neighbours who might be in need of employment and possess the required qualification and skill.

Professional Associations:

These associations keep their members informed about job opportunities through their technical newsletters and professional journals. Some of them have their own placement services.


There may be engineers, accountants, mechanics, security guards. They have the necessary experience and may be hired as consultants or supervisors.  [/expand]

5(b) Explain five duties of a Human Resource Manager.

Suggesed Answer:   [expand title=””]

The following are the duties of an Human Resource Manager:

Manpower Planning:

This is the first function of the human resource management. It has to do with the process by which a firm ensures that the required staff in terms of qualification and number are available at the right time. It involves determining personnel needs in relations to the objectives of the organization.

It therefore deals with the qualification or education, skills and the appropriate number of personnel a firm should engage. It is therefore the process of assessing, predicting, or forecasting an organisation’s manpower needs in relation to its plans.


After the manpower needs of the organization have been determined, the next stage is to make an attempt to employ the right calibre of personnel into the organization. This involves identifying sources of labour supply, carrying out recruitment, selection and placement into the organization.

Education/Training and Development

The human resource management is responsible for the training, education and the development of employees. It is responsible for assessing staff training needs through performance appraisal.

Once the training needs have been determined, it is the responsibility of the department to design an appropriate programme by determining the method to be used, the course content, the duration and the institution or person to conduct the training.

Training enables employees to adjust to new trends, improve their performance on the job and prepare them for promotion.

Wage and Salary Administration

Wage and Salary Administration is one of the important functions of the human resource management. It is responsible for designing equitable and attractive Wage and Salary Schemes for employees in an organization.

It also determines how overtime payments, bonuses and other fringe benefits are to be paid. It is also responsible for surveying the labour market and making the necessary changes and adjustments to the wage and salary structures to reflect the wages and salaries policies of the government of the day.

Health, Safety and Welfare of Employees

Another important function of the human resource management is to ensure that there are measures to take care of the health; safety and welfare of its employees. It ensures these by providing first-aid facilities, good ventilation, lighting, drainage and proper working conditions.

It also provides protective gadgets for employees to reduce the occurrence of accidents and injuries. Canteen, sports, transport, pension schemes, group insurance schemes and other recreational prograinmes are provided for the welfare of its employees.

Labour Relations

The human resource management plays an important role in maintaining a cordial and harmonious working relationship between workers and management. The term labour relations is used to describe the relationship that exists between employers, employees (trade unions) and the government.  [/expand]


6(a) Explain five reasons for workers going on strike

Suggesed Answer:   [expand title=””]

Workers may go on strike due to the following reasons:

  • When the are poorly paid. The rise in prices of goods and services due to inflation results in an increase in the cost of living. Wages have risen to some extent, but the rise in wages, lacks far behind. the rise in the cost of living. Workers therefore have to resort to strikes to get wages increased. Thus the failure to involve a need based wage policy is the basic cause of industrial disputes.
  • When the want job security. Victimization and lack of job security results in disputes.
  • When theywant fair wages and opportunity for promotion. There is a growing feeling among workers that merit is not properly evaluated and that the job pose very little chance for future advancement. This frustration breeds discontent among workers ultimately leading to industrial conflict.
  • When the want ademocratic treatment from management.. The worker wants to be respected as a human being. If the proper treatment is not forthcoming from the management, his feelings might be injured resulting to industrial dispute
  • Unfair administration of an award scheme: Another source of friction between labour and management is inadequate implementation and enforcement of awards and agreements.
  • When a system of rationalization is poorly introduced. The introduction of schemes of rationalization and automation are opposed by workers because it leads to unemployment. To prevent rationalization and automation, workers sometimes resort to strikes.  [/expand]
6(b) List five methods that can be used to end a strike.

Suggesed Answer:   [expand title=””]

The following approaches could be used to resolve workers strike:

This is an appeal to a neutral third party to resolve the conflict. Mediation depends on both parties’ acceptance of the third party as a fair and wise person.


This is an attempt to find a middle ground that both parties find acceptable. A compromise can result only in partial fulfilment of the need of each party.

Whilst neither party may emerge completely satisfied under this mode, both would at least come to terms openly about how best to resolve the most immediate issue.


An arbitrator is an impartial person chosen to settle a dispute.. An arbitrator may be appointed by the government (or minister) to settle the dispute. I le is normally assisted by an equal number of assessors nominated by both parties.

Problem Solving:

This is regarded as the most positive approach to deal with conflict. Here, both parties would recognize that there is a need for solving the problem that has arisen.

First, the problem may be identified and ways and means devised to solve it. The problem solving approach helps the opposing parties focus on defeating the problem rather than each other:

Here, the advantage is that nobody is a loser because the person is not what is targeted but the problem. For it is said, “the group that fights together stays together”.  [/expand]





7(a) Differentiate public corporation from public limited liability company on the basis of

  • Formation
  • Management
  • Finance

Suggesed Answer:   [expand title=””]

The following are the differences between a Public Corporation and Public Limited Company:



Public Corporations are formed through an Act of Parliament which will detail out the purpose of the business and how it is supposed to be run. On the other hand, Public Limited Liability Companies are formed by the shareholders who comply with the provisions of the companies code.


Public Corporations are managed by the Board of Governors (Directors) on behalf of the state. However, Public Liability Companies are managed by the Board of directors who are appointed by the Shareholders of the company.


Public Corporations are finance with money from the consolidated fund of the state. However Public Limited Liability Companies are financed from monies contributed by the shareholders in a form of shares.  [/expand]

7(b) State three disadvantages of public corporation. [6 marks]

Suggesed Answer:   [expand title=””]

The following are the disadvantages of Public Corporation:

  • High Degree of Bureaucracy

Decision-making is very slow. This is because of the large size of the organization and the several levels of management that must be consulted before a decision is made.

  • Lack of Profit Motive may Reduce Efficiency:

The main reason for establishing public corporations is not to make profits. Management will be paid fixed remuneration and failure to make profits will not affect their own money and property.

  • There is possibility of Corruption and Embezzlement:

Some officials of public orporations misuse government funds and property. For example, in Africa, a lot sate owned enterprises are no more existence because the employees of these organisations sort to enrich their pockets, instead of advancing the fortunes of these businesses.

  • Political Interference:

It is difficult to separate politics from the running of public corporations. This affects the smooth operations of corporations.

  • Consumers Choice is Limited:

When a corporation is given monopoly power to operate, consumers have no other option than to continue to patronize services of such a company, e.g. the Ghana Water Company, Electricity Corporation, etc.  [/expand]


8(a)What is organizing as it relates to management function? [3 marks]

Suggesed Answer:   [expand title=””]

Organizing is a process of establishment of a structure of tasks, which need to be performed to achieve the goals of the organization, grouping these tasks into jobs for an individual, creating groups of jobs within sections and departments, delegating authority to carry out the jobs, providing systems of information and communication, and coordinating activities within the organization.  [/expand]

8(b) Explain the following principles of organizing:

Suggesed Answer:   [expand title=””]

chain of command; [3 marks]

Chain of command is the line of authority and responsibility from the top to the bottom of the organization.

Span of control; [3 marks]

The span of control should be appropriate according to the quality of staff, variety of work and the supervisor’s ability. Span of control refers to the number of subordinates whose work or activities a manager directly supervises. The number of subordinates under a supervisor must be restored.

unity of command; [3 marks]

Every person should be immediately responsible or
accountable to one person, but not to several supervisors. This is to ensure that a worker is not confused by receiving conflicting instructions from several different supervisors at the same time

unity of objective. [3 marks]

Members of the organization should work towards a common goal.  [/expand]


I’m sure you are going to evaluate your performance with regards to the essay questions above. Let me emphasize again that the answers to the essay questions can be found by clicking on the symbol (˅) just after the question.

Now let’s proceed to the Paper 1:


Business Management 2019 WASSCE-Past Questions and Answers Paper 1


Let me show you how to find the answers to the Business Management Questions – Paper 1. To clarify that, when you read a question, just click on this symbol (˅) that follows the question. After doing so, the answer will drop down for you. In fact, it is a very simple task. However, for the purposes of evaluating yourself, you may want to answer the before reviewing the suggested answer (or solution)


  1. The document which serves as evidence for the registration of a company is   [expand title=””]  B   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. articles of association.
    2. certificate of incorporation.
    3. certificate of trading.
    4. memorandum of association.


  1. Which of the following activities comes first in a business decision-making process?   [expand title=””]  A   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. Identifying the problem
    2. Gathering of information
    3. Developing alternatives
    4. Making a choice


  1. The sets of programs which instruct a computer how to do a particular job is   [expand title=””]  D   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. database
    2. hardware
    3. memory
    4. software


  1. The means of exchanging goods for goods in international trade is   [expand title=””]  ¢   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. barter trade.
    2. counter trade.
    3. entrepot trade.
    4. terms of trade.


  1. The salaries paid to government employees are classified under   [expand title=””]  D   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. balance of payment.
    2. capital account.
    3. capital expenditure.
    4. recurrent expenditure.


  1. A woman who smoke fish for sale is engaged in   [expand title=””]  D   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. direct service.
    2. extractive industry.
    3. indirect service.
    4. manufacturing industry.


  1. The channel through which policies are communicated to employees of an organization is   [expand title=””]  D   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. diagonal communication.
    2. downward communication.
    3. horizontal communication.
    4. upward communication


  1. The elements of the marketing mix are:   [expand title=””]  D   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. promotion, advertising, sales and distribution.
    2. production, procurement, sales and pricing.
    3. pricing, production, personnel and purchasing.
    4. product, price, promotion and place.


  1. A refund by customs authority to an importer for duty already paid on goods re-exported is   [expand title=””]  D   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. customs drawback.
    2. excise duty.
    3. import duty.
    4. sales tax.


  1. The document of title to be presented to clear goods at the port is   [expand title=””]  A   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. bill of lading.
    2. certificate of inspection.
    3. certificate of origin.
    4. consular invoice.


  1. In a partnership, the bankruptcy of a partner would lead to it’s   [expand title=””]  A   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. continuity
    2. incorporation
    3. liquidation
    4. solvency


  1. An advantage of product branding to an organization is the   [expand title=””]  A   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. differentiation of items from similar products.
    2. increased competition from other brands.
    3. increased volume of production.
    4. reduction in the cost of production.


  1. The end point towards which all organizations’ efforts are directed is   [expand title=””]  A   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. objective
    2. policy
    3. rule
    4. strategy


  1. Which of the following activities is part of an organizing function of management?   [expand title=””]  B   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. Analysing the reasons for deviations
    2. Determining the span of control
    3. Formulating objectives and strategies
    4. Providing motivation for employees


  1. A step in production planning which gives a timetable for the commencement and completion of a job is   [expand title=””]  D   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. despatching
    2. loading
    3. routing
    4. scheduling


  1. A contract under which a party undertakes to indemnify another against a risk is   [expand title=””]  B   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. assurance
    2. insurance
    3. partnership deed.
    4. sale of goods.


  1. Commereial banks lend money to individuals and firms in the form of   [expand title=””]  C   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. commission and dividends.
    2. interest and profits.
    3. loans and overdrafts.
    4. shares and loans.


  1. An objective of the labour union is to   [expand title=””]  D   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. the salary of its members.
    2. organize strikes when there is misunderstanding.
    3. rally active workers against government.
    4. work towards better conditions for its members.


  1. The use of one cheque to pay a number of people through a commercial bank is   [expand title=””]  C   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. credit transfer.
    2. direct debit.
    3. payment order.
    4. standing order.


  1. A current account holder is eligible for which of the following services?   [expand title=””]  c   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. Interest-free loan
    2. Leasing facility
    3. Overdraft facility
    4. use of savings withdrawal form


  1. The profits of a public corporation belong, to the   [expand title=””]  c   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. board of directors.
    2. debenture holders.
    3. government
    4. shareholders


  1. In decision-making process, the step that determines the scope and use of resources to solve the problem falls under   [expand title=””]  D   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. analysis of the problem.
    2. gathering of information.
    3. development of alternatives.
    4. evaluation of alternatives.


  1. An organizational chart depicts   [expand title=””]  D   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. channels of informal communication.
    2. the number of customers.
    3. the number of employees.
    4. the structure of an organization.


  1. An element in the law of contract is that   [expand title=””]  A   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. acceptance must be communicated.
    2. all agreements must be sealed.
    3. an offer must be moved by a promisee.
    4. principals should always ratify agents’ acts.


  1. The distribution function of marketing involves   [expand title=””]  D   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. product development and packaging.
    2. production facilities and employee welfare.
    3. segmentation and pricing policy.
    4. transportation and warehousing.


  1. The type of training which seeks to provide employees with work experience in all areas of the company’s operation is   [expand title=””]  C   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. apprenticeship
    2. coaching
    3. job rotation.
    4. understudy assignment.


  1. In a contract, an agreement is reached when an   [expand title=””]  C   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. offeror gives consideration.
    2. offeror gives a promise.
    3. offeree accepts the offer.
    4. offeree declines the offer.


  1. A reason for job interview is to   [expand title=””]  A   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. assess the suitability of applicants.
    2. check the health status of the applicants.
    3. give the applicant opportunity to introduce referees.
    4. revise information given on the application form.


  1. When the amount in words and figures differ on a cheque presented by a third party, the drawee will   [expand title=””]  C   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. ask the payee to make the necessary correction.
    2. ask the payee to destroy the cheque.
    3. dishonour and return the cheque to the drawer.
    4. pay the higher amount to the payee.


  1. Goods which consumers buy frequently in small quantities with less effort are   [expand title=””]  C   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. assorted goods.
    2. capital goods.
    3. convenience goods.
    4. specialty goods.


  1. Marketing begins with the   [expand title=””]  D   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. selection of channels of distribution.
    2. pricing of a product.
    3. development of the product.
    4. conception of the product.


  1. An advice note is issued by a seller to a buyer to inform him of the   [expand title=””]  B   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. amount due for payment.
    2. arrival date of goods ordered.
    3. available goods and terms of payment.
    4. intention not to sell goods to him.


  1. The use of computers in a business is influenced by   [expand title=””]  D   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. legal factor.
    2. political factor.
    3. social factor.
    4. technological factor.


  1. The role of government in an economy is to   [expand title=””]  A   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. create enabling environment for businesses.
    2. discourage foreign investments.
    3. encourage foreign competition.
    4. generate revenue for government officials.


  1. When workers refuse to complete their tasks as a way of protest, this action is a form of   [expand title=””]  D   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. boycott
    2. lobby
    3. picketing
    4. work-to-rule.


  1. A document issued by a seller to a buyer to inform him of his present indebtedness and the need to pay is   [expand title=””]  D   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. credit note.
    2. debit note.
    3. proforma invoice.
    4. statement of accounts.


  1. A sole proprietorship form of business changes to a partnership when   [expand title=””]  D   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. it acquires more capital and resources.
    2. it employs more qualified workers.
    3. it opens branches nationwide.
    4. the number of its owners increases.


  1. Which of the following books will a business operator use to record smaller expenses?   [expand title=””]  B   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. Cash book
    2. Petty cash book
    3. Purchases day book
    4. Sales day book


  1. The qualifications that a prospective employee must possess are contained in the job   [expand title=””]  D   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. enlargement
    2. description
    3. enrichment
    4. specification


  1. Lender of last resort is a function performed by the   [expand title=””]  A   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. central bank.
    2. commercial bank.
    3. community bank.
    4. co-operative bank.


  1. Which of the following, factors will ensure the survival of a business organization?   [expand title=””]  B   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. Its ability to produce in large quantities
    2. Its ability to consistently make profits
    3. The size of its community
    4. The size of its equipment


  1. The ultimate goal of the decision-making process is to   [expand title=””]  A   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. eliminate the root causes of the problem.
    2. enable the choice of the best alternative.
    3. identify the extra facts.
    4. review the additional facts discovered.


  1. The collation and deployment of all resources needed by a business is part of the   [expand title=””]  C   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. controlling function.
    2. directing function.
    3. organizing function.
    4. planning function.


  1. Which of the following documents will be used when goods are transported by a courier company?   [expand title=””]  B   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. Consular invoice
    2. Consignment note
    3. Promissory note
    4. Proforma invoice


  1. A means of payment that is transferrable by mere delivery or delivery plus endorsement is   [expand title=””]  D   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. cross cheque.
    2. legal tender.
    3. money order.
    4. negotiable instrument.


  1. The manufacturing of automobiles is an example of   [expand title=””]  C   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. assembling production.
    2. batch production.
    3. flow production.
    4. job production.


  1. Which of the levels in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is satisfied when a worker acquires food, shelter and clothing?   [expand title=””]  A   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. Physiological needs
    2. Safety needs
    3. Social needs
    4. Esteem needs


  1. Performance appraisal is a means of   [expand title=””]  B   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. assessing the popularity of employees.
    2. evaluating the work of employees.
    3. improving working conditions of employees.
    4. monitoring the attendance of employees.


  1. Budgets and plans are a form of   [expand title=””]  C   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. non-programmed decisions.
    2. non-programmed operations.
    3. programmed decisions.
    4. programmed operations.


  1. Penetration pricing strategy is used by producers when the product is   [expand title=””]  A   is the answer -Business Management 2019 WASSCE   [/expand]
    1. being introduced to the market.
    2. being withdrawn from the market.
    3. facing keen competition.
    4. established in the market.

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