When Will Nursing Admission Start – Answers To Frequently Asked Questions.

when will nursing admission start

When will nursing admission start – this guide answers this and many other questions on nursing admissions in Ghana.

Thus find every detailed update on the Admission Processes of Nursing schools in Ghana from Educareguide.

Usually, some of the questions that people ask on Nursing Admissions are;

  • When will Nursing schools start giving admissions
  • Are they going to release 2023 admission in this current year?
  • Which date are selected students reporting?

Assuredly, educareguide will provide answers to all these questions about Nursing admissions.

First of all, when will nursing schools start giving admission?


When Will Nursing Schools Start Giving Admission In 2023?

This question rings in students’ ears when they see their friends receiving messages from the institution they bought their forms. Since the education calendar has changed a little, Students should remember that we are not in regular times.

So before they make any decisions, they must always look for information from concrete or credible sources. 

By October, some students had not received confirmation messages from the institutions they visited for their interviews.


When Are They Going To Release 2023 Admission In This Current Year?

Students with appropriate documents attached to their forms receive an admission message within a few weeks to a month after they submit their Forms. 

Usually, Nursing schools release their admission forms between May and July every year; 

Therefore, they send messages or emails to students from September to October for interviews.


Will They Postpone The Nursing Admission List To The Following Year?

Most students who buy forms become frightened when the Nursing admission list seems to delay.

When it happens that way, most students conclude they have been rejected.

However, the situation is mostly otherwise – i.e., they have selected. 

Remember, there are measures the Nursing institutions are putting in place to speed up the admission process. 

In this regard, students will receive a message when they pass the interview to prepare themselves for the admission fees and other expenses.


Are Nursing Forms Still Selling? 

Nursing forms are out of sale, and students who qualify after submitting their documents receive messages to alert them about their interview. 

Most Nursing schools have already started the 2023 nursing admission process. 

No waiting forms are available for those whose results do not meet the standard of the schools or who want to rewrite NOVDEC or any of their papers.


When Are Nursing Schools Releasing The 2023/2024 Admission List?

Indeed, we have to focus more on the Nursing education system and its processing to help us in our waiting mood. 

Now, Nursing forms are out of the market, and most Nursing Schools have completed the interviews, with only a few left. 

Therefore, students who qualify for the interview will receive messages to let them prepare for their admission fees. 

Very importantly, students who are done with the interview but have not received notice should exercise patience as they wait.


When Will Nursing Student Report On Campus

Now, a few students from other Nursing schools have received messages to confirm their admission status.

Meanwhile, many others are yet to receive the admission message.

Notably, the reporting month for selected students to report is either December or January.

And January is now the beginning of the academic year in Ghana. 

We will soon update our page for any changes or vital information about the Nursing schools.


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