Is F9 Accepted In Nursing Training, Find Out If Nursing Schools Accept D7, E9 And F9

is f9 accepted in nursing

Many people with dreams of becoming nurses keep finding out – Is F9 Accepted In Nursing Schools.

Thus, prospective applicants want to know if Nursing Training Colleges admit students with grades D7, E8 or F9.

Therefore, this guide takes time to explain the technicalities of how to attend a Nursing school with such grades.

First of all, let us check the category of nursing schools in Ghana.


Category Of Nursing Schools In Ghana

Notably, you can read a health-related course from any of the following types of Nursing institutions in Ghana:

  • Government Nursing Training Colleges
  • Private Nursing Training Colleges
  • Government Nursing Training Schools
  • Private Nursing Training Schools
  • National Vocational Training Institute (NVTI)

Remember that the type of school you want to attend determines the type of grades you should have.

First, let us find out about grade D7.


Do Nursing Schools Accept D7?

Indeed, there are some nursing institutions that accept D7. For example, these Nursing institutions accept applicants with D7:

  • Private Nursing Training Colleges
  • Private Nursing Training Schools
  • National Vocational Training Institute (NVTI)

However, not all the categories of schools listed above accept D7.

For instance, Nursing Universities do not accept D7. Therefore, you cannot read Nursing at any public or private University with D7.

By extension, it means that Universities that offer Nursing do not accept E8 and F9 as well.


Nursing Institutions That Accept E8?

Honestly, you may wonder which Nursing school will admit an applicant with E8. Well applicants with E8 still have a certain slim hope of admission.

Thus, applicants with grade E8 can apply to read Nursing at:

  • National Vocational Training Institute (NVTI)

Now is F9 accepted in Nursing training schools? Check out the answer right below.


Which Nursing Schools Accept F9?

So is F9 accepted in nursing training schools?

Undoubtedly, it is very good to still have a little hope even when all the odds are against you.

Thus I will still encourage those with grade F9 in Wassce not to give up on education.

There are still some very good Educational institutions that admit students with F9.

Sometimes, some professional educational institutions admit students with F9 by organising some preparatory entrance programs for them.

Thus you can try institutions such as:

  • Cambridge International College (CIC UK)
  • Institute of Commercial Management (ICM UK)
  • Institute for Professional and Executive Development (IPED UK)

From the above, you will realize that educational opportunities exist for almost everyone who desires to climb the educational ladder.

Notably, Nursing is not an exception.

Thus never give up because, when there is life, there is hope.


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