When Will University Of Ghana Forms Be Out, Admission Forms At Legon UG

when will university of ghana forms be out

Usually, prospective students of the University of Ghana – UG Legon– seek to answer the question – When will the University Of Ghana Forms Be Out?

Assuredly, we will give you every detail and update on the University of Ghana admission forms and when you can buy them.


Admission Forms For Legon 2025

When will the University of Ghana sell Legon admission forms for the 2025/26 academic year?

This guide will answer all the vital questions about Legon admission forms.

Usually, the questions that people ask are:

  • Is Legon forms out for the 2025 academic year?
  • Is the University of Ghana Legon forms out for the 2023 academic year?
  • How much is the Legon Form for the 2025/26 academic year in Ghana cedis?
  • What is the closing date for submitting Legon application forms online?

Interestingly, we have answered all questions about UG forms in the details below.


Is the University Of Ghana Forms Out For 2023?

So, when will the university forms for 2025 be out? In other words, are the 2025 Legon forms out?

First, the UG Calendar for the 2025/26 academic year will shift towards the old calendar schedule.

Therefore, the University of Ghana will run a September to August Academic Calendar.

The University of Ghana forms are for sale for the 2025/2026 admission year.

In this regard, Legon issued their Admission Forms on April 1st, 2025.

Thus, you can buy the application voucher immediately from all the designated places listed below.


When Will Legon Forms Be Out

Although the forms are out and applicants are buying them, you must remember that there is a closing date for the sale of these forms when they are issued.

Thus, find the closing date below.

Successful applicants for the 2022 admission have already enrolled and are pursuing their academic programs.

Therefore, new applicants who want to apply to the University of Ghana can buy the forms from April 1st, 2023.

When the time comes, you can get the Legon Online application voucher from the designated outlets listed below.

Therefore, check out the various outlets to buy Legon forms in the list below.


Place You Can Buy Legon Forms?

Now, where can you buy Legon forms? The University of Ghana offers online application vouchers at various accredited outlets in Ghana.

Therefore, you can buy Legon Online Application vouchers from the places listed below:


Banks To Buy Legon Forms

  • Ecobank
  • Republic Bank
  • Agricultural Development Bank 
  • Ghana Commercial Bank
  • Zenith Bank, Universal Merchant Bank
  • Consolidated Bank Ghana(CBG)
  • Prudential Bank and Fidelity Bank.

We will assuredly update you on other outfits or avenues where you can get Legon application forms as they become available.


Can I Still Buy Legon Forms

Usually, you may ask, “Can I still buy Legon forms? In other words, does the University of Ghana form out for the whole year?

Nevertheless, UG does not sell its forms throughout the year.

Thus, there is a period when the university accepts the application for admission.

As a result, you can only send your application when the University of Ghana starts its admission process for 2025.

In fact, Legon is currently offering its forms for sale at the various designated places listed below.

The next question you may ask is, “How much is University to Ghana forms?”. In this regard, find the price of Legon forms in the details right below.


How Much Are Legon Forms 2025?

Undoubtedly, the University of Ghana is an autonomous academic institution. Thus, UG decides on the Legon form price for admission applications based on several factors from year to year.

Notably, people applying for admission in 2025 should buy the UG admission forms for about GH¢ 220.00.

However, International applicants will pay a non-refundable application fee of US$110.00 when they apply.

After buying your application voucher, follow the steps below to apply for admission online to Legon.


How Do I Apply For Legon Admission?

Indeed, you can apply for admission at the University of Ghana by going through the following steps:

  • First of all, you need to buy your Online Application Voucher.
  • Use your voucher details to log in to the university’s admission application portal here to start the application process. International applicants should also use this link to apply for UG admission online.
  • Finally, complete the application process and print out your summary form.

Now, click here for the details about how you can apply for admission to Legon. Now, let’s Look at the admission deadline for – UG Legon.


What Is The Closing Date For Legon Forms?

Indeed, the deadline for Legon forms 2025/2026 is till Wassce issues out results for 2025.

From that arrangement, the Legon form deadline is until Waec releases the 2023 Wassce results.

Therefore, all University of Ghana admission applicants must complete and upload their applications electronically by time.

In other words, you must submit your application form by this deadline.

Though the university may extend the closing date for Legon forms 2025/2026, you must still not take any chances.

It would help if you remembered to print out the endorsement form online from the system immediately after finishing the application procedure.

I advise prospective students to start the online application process before the final day and hour.

Typically, the internet server gets overloaded, and thus, it becomes difficult to send your application through.

Now, check out the details on how to apply in our other posts.


University Of Ghana – UG

The University of Ghana: UG is a reputable higher academic institution and has contributed immensely to knowledge and research in Ghana and the world.

It has also produced many great men and women of stature over the years. Thus, being part of this educational institution is a noble dream.

I will gladly encourage you to apply to such a tertiary institution. As usual, Educareguide will guide you through the admission process and your entire life on campus.


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  1. Will l get admission to offer Bsc Mathematics at UG with this as my qualification
    C-maths B3
    Science B3
    Social. B3
    English B3
    Mechanics B3
    T.Drawing C6
    Physics C6
    E-maths B2

    1. Definitely, Eric, you get admission to offer Bsc Mathematics at UG with such a good result.

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    1. Well Abdul, the UMAT awaiting form arrangement for this will be some what unusual. Due the covid-19 and change in the entire educational academic calendar, WASSCE examinations will be written sometime in August – September.

      Coincidentally, UMAT will be admitting students around same time, which makes the awaiting result arrangement very difficult this year.

      1. Please I did general art and I had the following grades:
        English C6
        Math c4
        Social c4
        Science d7
        Twi B3
        Literature c5
        Government C6
        History c5, will I be admitted to offer Information Technology at Ghana Telecom University College?

  2. Pls I completed shs last year,but not in yet,I want to know wen exactly the new forms will be out,

  3. plz can gain U.G admission with this,if possible which program ?
    MATHS B3
    MUSIC E8

      1. E maths B3
        Econs c4
        Geog A1
        Government B2
        Science A1
        Social A1
        Core maths A1
        Please can I offer any engineering courses

  4. Anoor Andrews

    Please what course can I offer at the UG as a General Arts student with this grades.
    English C5
    Maths(core) B3
    Science B3
    Social B3
    Economics D7
    Geography C5
    Government A1
    Twi(Asante) B2


      Please i had this result, English c6,social c6,core mathematics b3,integrated science _absent,elective maths b3,general agriculture c4 and animal husbandry c4.can i get admission into University of Ghana to offer computer science.

  5. Acheampong Diana

    Pls I wont be able to buy forms this year so when I buy it next year will I be able to go to school in that very year

      1. Agyei Francisca

        Please l had this result English C6 ,Core Maths B3, Science A1, Social B3 ,Economics B3, Government B3, C.R.S B3,History B3 can l offer Bachelor of Arts in political science


    Please can I offer bsc mathematics at ug
    With these grades
    Maths core-A1
    English c6
    Social B3
    Science c6
    Chemistry c6
    Math elective B3
    Biology c6
    And physics d7

  7. Please can I offer bsc mathematics at ug
    With these grades
    Maths core-A1
    English c6
    Social B3
    Science c6
    Chemistry c6
    Math elective B3
    Biology c6
    And physics d7

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