Legon Fees 2023 University Of Ghana, UG Programs And Fees For Students

legon fees 2021/2022 university

The Management of the University of Ghana provides the Legon Fees 2023 for all categories of students, courses and programmes.

Thus, you will find the schedule of fees for the 2023 academic year is available for you now. Therefore, find all the information you need about UG fees 2023 below.

Educareguide finds it a privilege to explore the full details of the 2023 Fees for UG students.

Honestly, the University of Ghana is the first university to be established in Ghana by the government of Ghana.

As a result, UG  fees are more or less like university standard fees that other universities and colleges can relate with to determine their fees.

Also, students of other universities in Ghana compare their fees to Legon to know whether their fees are reasonable.

For this reason, we must inform you of how much the Legon fees are 2023.

Below is the full details of UG Legon fees for the 2023 academic year in this guide.

Meanwhile, find out whether you can make a part-payment of your UG fees and register and what percentage you should pay from here.

As usual, many fresh students will be anxious to know the Legon fees 2023 you must pay. Likewise, continuing students will also want to have the same information.

Indeed, we will explain the amount of University of Ghana Legon fees you are supposed to pay to register for your courses for the semester.

But first, check out a summary of the UG Fees for the 2023 Academic Year right below.


Summary Of University Of Ghana Fees For 2023

Here is an excerpt of the University of Ghana school fees in cedis and Us Dollars:

Schedule Of Academic Fees For The 2021 – 2023 Academic Year

College Of Humanities


Post 1St Deg. Law


Post 1St Degree Llb (Special Programme)


Schedule A: Undergraduate – Regular

Regular Students

Humanities (Bachelor Of Arts)


Humanities (Admin /Law)




Freshmen – 100







Continuing – 200, 300 & 400









Level 200 & 300 Freshmen







Now you will find the entire fees schedule for all classes of students at the University of Ghana in the details right below.


The University Of Ghana School Fees 2023 Academic Year

Click on the links below for full details of the University of Ghana fees 2021/22 for various categories of students, programs and courses.

Assuredly, you find the University of Ghana courses and fees for students under the various colleges in the University of Ghana below:


Furthermore, here are the differences in fees for residential and non-residential students.

Now take the time to read and understand the various categories of students listed above.


Fresh Student or Continuing Student:

Fresh Students are entering the first year of their program at the university.

Factually, students can enter at any level as permitted by the university. Thus you may enroll at either level 100, 200, etc.

However, continuing students are in the second or third year of studies. Thus a continuing student may be in either level 200, 300, etc.


Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Or PhD Program

Indeed, undergraduate students usually are those who are reading the first-degree program. Secondly, postgraduate students are generally those who are reading their second-degree programs.

Thirdly, PhD students are usually reading their doctorate programs at the university. The University of Ghana undergraduate tuition and fees for 2023 are lower than that of the Postgraduate program.


Humanities or Science

Typically, humanity programs are those which relate to art and social sciences. However, science programs usually relate to physical, biological, and chemical sciences.

Thus, remember that the University of Ghana Legon courses determine the academic user fees for 2023.


Ghanaian or Foreign Student

Usually, Ghanaian is used to describe students from Ghana, and the opposite is an international student. Furthermore, the student must possess a Ghanaian admission requirement.


Regular Student Or Full Fee Paying Student

Usually, regular students are those that the government subsidizes their fees. Thus, it is a form of government half scholarship for tertiary education. As a result, the fees the regular students pay is lower.

Nevertheless, the university also admits students on a Full Fee Paying Basis. These students do not enjoy any subsidies, and as a result, Full Fee Paying students pay higher fees comparatively.


Consequently, check the link we showed you above to determine the specific Legon fees for 2023 university.

Also, remember that the University of Ghana hostel fees depend on the type or class of hostel you choose.

Assuredly, we have explored the full details of University of Ghana admission requirements in our other guide.


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