How Much Is Nursing Training Forms In Ghana, The Cost Of Nursing And Midwifery Admission Forms In Ghana

how much is nursing training forms in ghana

So, how much is nursing training forms in Ghana? Many young people who have completed Senior High School in Ghana consider nursing a preferred career.

Now, why many SHS graduates prefer nursing is a subject matter for another time.

Certainly, Educareguide regularly informs you about the price of nursing training forms in Ghana.

In the meantime, the question is – are nursing forms out for the 2023 academic year in Ghana? Find out the answer to this question right below.


Are Nursing Forms Out For 2023 – Here Is The Answer to Your Question

Now, when will nursing forms be out in 2023?

Indeed, nursing forms are out for 2023 nursing admission in Ghana.

As at now, nursing institutions in Ghana have issued admission forms to the members of the general public who want to apply to study various programs in their preferred nursing college.

Meanwhile, you should remember that nursing application is currently done online.

Indeed, Educareguide will keep you informed and updated on the nursing training forms 2023 deadline. 

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Price Of Nursing Training Forms 2023

Now, how much is nursing forms 2023 in Ghana?

Every tertiary institution in Ghana sells its forms at a preferred price, even though the Nursing and Midwifery Council – NMC – regulates them all.

For this reason, there is no fixed price for nursing college forms in Ghana.

Nevertheless, nursing training Forms price in Ghana is GH¢200 generally.

Meanwhile, remember that you must pay an interview fee of about GHC100 when invited. That’s the arrangement for many nursing training schools in the country.


How To Fill Nursing Training Forms

Now, how do I apply for nursing training in Ghana?

To be able to apply for nursing training in Ghana, you need to buy an admission form from any of the nursing training colleges and institutions in Ghana.

Click here to find the list of all nursing training colleges and institutions in Ghana.

Alternatively, some nursing training institutions sell application form vouchers at selected locations in the country.

Thus, upon buying the admission application voucher, you will use the login credentials on the voucher to access the admission application portal of the respective nursing institution.

Very importantly, you must get the necessary things in place before you start the application process.

Thus, click here to find the resources needed to start and complete the online nursing admission application process.

Meanwhile, make sure that you print out your nursing online application summary sheet to submit for endorsement by a reputable person.


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