Dunkwa Nursing Training Prospectus, List Of Items You Should Buy For Admission Into The College

dunkwa nursing training prospectus

Upon reviewing the Dunkwa Nursing Training School Prospectus provided, you will discover a list of items you need for admission into the Dunkwa Nursing School.

Factually speaking, Dunkwa Nursing Training is one such institution that offers quality nursing education in Ghana.

Therefore, Dunkwa Nursing Training is a public nursing training institution in Ghana’s Central Region. It was established in 1958 by the Ministry of Health to provide basic nursing education to Ghanaians.

Indeed, the institution has grown to become one of Ghana’s leading nursing training institutions, with a reputation for producing quality nurses.

Please be aware that the educational institution has specified certain items you must bring as you prepare to commence your nursing school journey.

Interestingly, this guide gives comprehensive details regarding the Dunkwa Nursing Training prospectus. 

Thus check the complete list of prospectus items required at the school from the list below.


List Of Items On The Dunkwa Nursing Training Prospectus

Remember to bring the following items when reporting for admission at Dunkwa Nursing Training:


Items For Personal Use
  • Green Material (5 yards) to have two uniforms. Be rest assured that the school will handle the sewing process.
  • White Polyester Material (4 yards) to own two aprons and two caps
  • Black and brown pairs of shoes each for work and lectures
  • Two sets of Khaki trousers
  • Two sets of white short sleeves shirts for males
  • A sleeping Mattress
  • Two plastic buckets
  • Containers big to store enough water for personal use
  • Umbrella
  • Torchlight


Stationery Items You Must Buy For Your Academic Work

Though you can purchase the items listed below from any stationary store, it is worth noting that the school has made them available for purchase on campus:

  • Six foolscap notebooks
  • Six exercise books
  • Two jotters
  • Two pencils
  • One ruler
  • One eraser
  • Ball-point pens


Tools You Must Buy For Field Work

However, after securing your items for personal use and stationary, the school makes it mandatory to present the list of tools below for fieldwork:

  • Brand new cutlass
  • Long broom
  • Short broom
  • One hoe


List Of Items Supplied By The SRC (Student Representative Council)

Furthermore, the SRC is responsible for providing the following items to all incoming students on the condition that you have paid your school fees in full:

  • College designed pen
  • College designed exercise books
  • Breast watch
  • College designed bag
  • College designed T-shirt
  • College designed sticker
  • College designed broach
  • One clinical thermometer
  • One stethoscope


Can I Download The Dunkwa Nursing Training Prospectus Online?

Unfortunately, you cannot download the Dunkwa Nursing Training Prospectus online.

However, you can periodically check the College’s official website at https://dnmtc.edu.gh/ for any updates on the prospectus and, if feasible, download it.


Which Region Is The Dunkwa Nursing Training In?

Dunkwa Nursing Training is a public nursing training institution in Ghana’s Central Region.

Precisely, the College is in the Upper Denkyira East Municipal District.

Sincerely speaking, opting for Dunkwa Nursing Training is a highly commendable decision for your nursing education in Ghana.

Thus, Educareguide extends its best wishes for a successful journey throughout your nursing school training.


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