ACCA Fees United States

ACCA Fees For Members In US 2021 – ACCA Fees & Subscriptions For Students In The United States

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The concern of many prospective students of ACCA has been  the concern of ACCA Fees For Members In US”. Well find out all the information you need on this subject matter below.


ACCA Fees  United States


Indeed, it is important to find out how much it will cost to chatter as an ACCA USA students.

As a matter of fact, there are a lot of expenses you have to incur to finish your professional accounting course, depending on the Level you would want to reach.

Thus, this guide is for ACCA members in the US to know how much fees you will pay to complete your accountancy program.

Thus, Educareguide has taken the time to elaborate on the details of ACC fees and Subscriptions for students in the United States.

For this reason, find out every information you need to know as far as your ACCA professional course is concerned.


ACCA Initial Registration Fees

Firstly, the initial registration you would have to pay to enroll as an ACCA student is £89.

You must make sure that you pay you initial registration fees in full before you start your ACCA program.


ACCA Re-registration Fees

Secondly, if you are re-registering as an old member, you will pay amount of £89.

Notably, you have to pay this amount in order to activate you membership account.

After paying this amount your student portal gets active again and then you can then login.


 ACCA Annual Subscription Fees

Apart from the initial membership fees, ACCA headquarters expects you to pay an annual membership of £112.

This is paid so that it will allow you to sustain your membership through out your period of studies.

Likewise, even after you’ve graduated, you would still have to pay annual membership dues as a Certified Chattered Accountant.


ACCA Exemption Fees

Also, the exemption fees per paper differs from the type of paper you write. Thus, we have the Applied Knowledge exams and the Applied Skills exams.

In fact the exemption fees for Applied Knowledge Exams for students in the United States is £86.

Also the exemption fees for Applied Skills Exams for students in the United States is £114.

As a matter of fact, students pay the exemption fees in order to skip the writing of a paper they have already written.

Of course, you have to apply for exemption with the necessary documents before you would be granted the exemption.


ACCA Examination Fees

Equally importantly, you have to pay your ACCA examination fees for every each exam paper that you register.

Thus, this is an exams entry fees that you should pay by every student in order to sit your paper.

Obviously, you have to pay an exam entry fee for each exam you enter. 

It is important to realize that, if you are taking examinations at either a special centre or an unlisted special centre you will be required to pay any additional local invigilation and accommodation fees involved.

These fees are normally paid direct to the Exam Supervisor in advance of the exam date.


ACCA Applied Knowledge exams

Accountant in Business (AB), Management Accounting (MA) and Financial Accounting (FA) are only available as on-demand Computer Based Exams (CBEs). Please contact your local CBE centre to book.


ACCA Applied Skills exams

Corporate and Business Law (LW)
Performance Management (PM)
Taxation (TX)
Financial Reporting (FR)
Audit and Assurance (AA)
Financial Management (FM)

Applied Skills exams fees.

I believe you have all the information your you need as far as ACCA membership fees and subscription is concerned.


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