Cambridge International College Prospectus 2023, How To Enroll In Cambridge International College

cambridge international college prospectus

Students willing to apply for a credible international professional qualification will need to consider Cambridge International College prospectus 2023. Thus, find the complete guide on enrolling at Cambridge International College below.

Indeed Cambridge International College is a professional educational institution well accredited to offer a broader range of educational programs for students in every corner of the world.


Interestingly, the testimony of many employees and employers across the globe speaks positively of the goodwill of Cambridge College.

Thus, it will not be out of place to enrol in CIC. However, many prospective students wonder how they will proceed with the enrolment procedure.

Given this, Educareguide has put together this article to guide every student in enrolling at Cambridge International College. Now find out the details below.


Cambridge International College Application Form?

You should note certain essential things in the Cambridge International College Prospectus to start your Cambridge International College application. Thus find out these critical things below.

Factually speaking, you can enrol in two ways – Manual enrolment and online enrollment. First, let us look at the Manual enrolment.


You have to download and print the Cambridge International College Manual Registration Form for manual enrolment.

Next, fill it with all the details needed and submit it to Cambridge International College Headquarters in Britain. Now, let us look at the steps to enrol in CIC using the online application form.


How To enrol At Cambridge International College – Online Application Form

Now here are the procedure for filling Cambridge International College Online Enrolment Form:

  • Firstly, visit the homepage of Cambridge International College
  • Secondly, select the course category you want to pursue. You will find examples: Accounting, Finance, Banking; Hotel, Tourism, Travel, Hospitality, Events; Marketing, Sales and Advertising; Personnel, HR, Organization; Etc.
  • Thirdly, proceed to choose your preferred study level. In detail, the study levels include Certificate, Diploma; Honours (Higher) Diploma; Mastery of Management Graduate Diploma; Advance Business Administration (ABA); Baccalaureate; Executive Business Administration (EBA); and Executive Mastery of Business Administration;
  • Fourthly, click the GO button, which will take you to the CIC enrolment or registration portal. Now you can follow the process to fill out the form.


Now, there are certain key things you need to know about how to examine in the Cambridge International College Prospectus for admission critically.

Indeed, it would help take these essential areas on the application form very seriously.

Thus, Educareguide explains every detail to you for your understanding. First, let us take a look a the various study levels and programs provided by CIC.


Study Levels Of Programs Offered By Cambridge International College


Cambridge Enrollment - Study Levels


Assuredly, you will find various levels of study as contained in the Cambridge International College Prospectus 2023.

From the above, we have already explained these study levels above. Emphasizing the study levels again, we have

  • Certificate,
  • Diploma;
  • Honours (Higher) Diploma;
  • Mastery of Management Graduate Diploma;
  • Advance Business Administration (ABA);
  • Baccalaureate;
  • Executive Business Administration (EBA); and
  • Executive Mastery of Business Administration;


Now scroll the form to your preferred study level and tick (√) your program choice.


Cambridge International College – Fees Payment Options

Cambridge Enrollment - Fee Payment Terms




Secondly, choose your preferred payment terms as provided on the enrolment form. Cambridge International College has two main payment terms.

  • First, the one-time full payment and
  • Secondly, the installment payment terms.

Therefore, you can choose any of them. Furthermore, quoting the amount you are paying in the space provided after the Word “Either” if you are making a one-time payment and after “OR” if you are making an installment payment.


Cambridge International College Fee Payment Methods


Cambridge Enrollment - Fees Payment Methods


Thirdly, select your mode of payment. Indeed, there are several payment options available for Cambridge students worldwide. Thus you can choose from among the following payment options:

  • Bank Transfer;
  • Bank Draft (IMO);
  • British Postal Orders;
  • Currency Notes;
  • Western Union 10-digit MTCN;
  • Paypal;
  • Credit/Debit Cards;
  • And others, as accepted by CIC.


Cambridge International College Application Form 2023

You must enter your details and other relevant information on the CIC application form.


Cambridge Enrollment - Personal Details - cambridge international college prospectus


Next, you need to enter your details.

Remember that you are supposed to enter all the details in CAPITAL LETTERS. You must enter the following information under this section:

  • Full Name: – Enter the Name that you will want to appear on your certificate
  • Full Address: – Also, enter the Address that CIC will send all your study and official materials.
  • Email Address: – Also, key in your email address where CIC can send you newsletters and other real-time information.
  • Next, provide YES or NO whether you have studied such a course or program before:
  • Again, enter YES or NO if you have any practical experience in the subject area.
  • Now, provide information on your presently held job position.
  • Next, describe it if you have any need that you want the college to be aware of.
  • Also, provide your “Nationality” and “Age”.
  • Lastly, sign and approve the terms and conditions of the college. Furthermore, provide the person membership number who introduced you to Cambridge International College. However, leave it blank if no one introduced you.


Other Important Information You Need To Know.

Furthermore, the following information is relevant as far as CIC enrolment is concerned.

Chapter One of Study Manual:

Immediately after you complete the application Form, which is approved, CIC will give you access to chapter one of your study manual.


Mid-Training Progress Test:

In addition, Cambridge allows you to write a mid-training progress test. Here, the test will allow you to assess your readiness for the main examination.

However, the mid-training progress test is not compulsory. Also, you will pay for the mid-training test if you opt for it.


Study Guide and Materials:

The registration fees you pay cover the cost of your study manual. Therefore, you do not need to pay extra money for your study manual.

Furthermore, CIC will ship or mail your study materials to you upon payment of your enrolment fees. Thus, your package will include every study material you need to succeed in your program.


Member Service Login Portal:

Moreover, the college will give you a unique member service login portal on the Cambridge International College Website upon payment and registration.

In that case, you can log in to download the first chapter of your study manual. Also, you will find every detail of your studies with Cambridge International College in your membership area.

Now, what is some of the information you will find in your Cambridge International College membership login area? Let’s find it below:


Details You Will Find Your Membership Service Of Cambridge International College.

Some of the details you will find include:

  • Your Membership Details,
  • Study Material Despatch Details,
  • Examination Results,
  • CIC Newsletters, Literature,
  • Free Study Modules, Study & Training Information, and more


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