SHS School Placement For 2023, When Will The School Placement Come Out?

shs school placement for

This guide responds to all your concerns about the SHS school placement for the 2023 year.

Obviously, JHS students whose BECE 2022 are in will want to know when the placement will be out.

This question is mainly for candidates awaiting placement in Ghana’s Senior High Schools (SHS). 

Interestingly, BECE does not take long as WASSCE does.

Thus, the result and school placement for BECE candidates come shortly after the BECE exams.

In this case, both private and public school candidates are interested in knowing when the SHS placement information will be out. 

Notwithstanding, before a candidate can qualify for placement into the Senior High School in Ghana, they must meet some criteria.

So what are these criteria?


The Criteria For SHS School Placement?

There are a lot of processes candidates go through before the placement. 

GES releases the results after the exam is marked, and students check them online or go to their schools for their results. 

Honestly, the grading system helps students to guess their placement before it comes out.

Remember that students submit schools of their choice to GES before they write the exams, and GES places them depending on their grades.

Sometimes, candidates complete the BECE exam before they select their school choice.

Students with good scores in all four core subjects and any other two get their first or second choice.

In this case, your results determine the school category GES places you in.

Now find out these school categories below.


SHS School Categories In Ghana

GES groups Senior High Schools into grades, and it is in alphabetical order from grade A to F.

Notably, GES keeps updating the schools based on their performances in the past years’ Wassce exams.

Therefore, Grade A and B schools always admit candidates with excellent degrees.

Every candidate must write BECE and pass before they get school placement. Any candidate who fails the exams or cannot meet the standard of GES does not get a school.


Does GES Release The Result And Placement At The Same Time?

Usually, candidates receive their placement after receiving their results.

In this way, the outcome affects the positive or negative placement. 

Therefore, the result does not come together with placement; instead, the result comes first. 

When Waec releases provisional results, candidates check their placement online or go to the placed school to confirm if their names are on the noticeboard.

Candidates with good grades but do not get a school can do self-placement on the CSSPS portal.

Alternatively, you can also submit a letter to any SHS of their choice for the school to admit them.


When Will BECE Take Place?

In 2022 BECE took place on 15th November and ended on 18th November. 

Though the date for BECE keeps changing from time to time, it will not be far from the above date. 

Assuredly, Educareguide will update you whenever the release comes out. 

Remember, Junior High School final year students’ exams will be held from Monday, 17th October to Friday, 21st October 2022.


When Will The School Placement Be Released 2023?

School placement always comes out after candidates finish their exams and the results released out. 

Currently, GES through the CSSPS released the 2023 School Placement information on Wednesday, 15th February 2023.

Now find out how to check your SHS School placement from here.

As promised, we will update you on any new development about the placement date soon.


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