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General Art Courses In SHS – Here Are The List Of Subjects Offered

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Educareguide finds it a absolute need to brief Junior High School students about general art courses in SHS.


general art courses in shs


As a matter of fact, it is very important for JHS candidates to understand the various subjects combination under general arts and other fields of study in Second Cycle Schools.

Specifically, this article will concentrate on the area of art programs that are offered in various Senior High Schools in Ghana and across the world.

Now, what are the courses under general art which I can study in SHS or High School? Let’s find all the details below.

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Here Is The List Of General Arts Subjects In SHS

Certainly, High School students can study the following list of subjects in school.


  • Christian Religious Studies – CRS
  • Elective Mathematics – E-Maths
  • Geography – Geog
  • Literature in English – Lit
  • Economics – Econs
  • Twi – Either Asante Twi or Akuapim Twi
  • Fante
  • French
  • Government
  • History
  • Elective Physics
  • Elective ICT


Course Combinations – Art Subjects In SHS

Now, what are the subject combinations that you can do under general arts in SHS?

As a matter of fact, the Ghana Education Service permits SHS students to normally select only four elective subjects, in addition to the four core subjects.

For this reason, you can cannot read all the elective subjects in general art above. Certainly, you can select only four of them.

Furthermore, there are some subjects that you cannot combine with other subjects. Truly, if you do that, those subjects can conflict with other ones, during the wassce examination period.

Surely, it is the reason why is here to guide in your course selection at SHS – Senior High School.

Now, what are the subjects you cannot combine to study at SHS? Surly, let’s find that below.


Subject You Cannot Combine At SHS – Senior High Schools

Senior High School Students cannot combine and study the following subjects in SHS:


  • You cannot read Twi, Fante, and French at the same time
  • Also, you cannot read Financial Account, Literature in English, and Elective Physics at the same time.
  • Again, you cannot read Management in Living, Business Management, and Physics at the same time.


Which Course Is Best For Arts Students At High School

When it comes to which courses is best for arts students at SHS level, I will say say that it depends on your capabilities, interest and aspirations in life.

For this reason, I will advice you to observe well and find out your areas of strength at the Junior High school level or basic level.

What I mean is that, examine yourself and you will realize the subjects that you had high interest in. Also, you will find out that, it was very easy for you to excel in those subject areas with a very minimum effort. 

Thus, I will advice you to select an arithmetic course if your mathematics background and success at JHS is very strong. This means that, you can then read general art subjects such as Elective Maths, Computer Science,  and  Economics. 

However, for those of you who are very good in appreciation of nature and human behaviors and activities, then reading subjects such as history, CRS, Geography, and government will help your future.

Also, I recommend  reading subjects such as Literature, Fante, Twi, French, and other languages for those who are fluent and good speakers.

Sincerely, just reflect on your own life and you will realize some of these things I’m talking about. 


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  4. With this grade English b3 Science c6 government A1 core maths d7 economics c5 ewe b2 geography c6 social studies b3 can I apply for bachelor of arts?

  5. Hope it’s possible for a General Art student to pursue a business course at the University Level with the following subjects: Geography, Government, French and Economics?

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