High School Business Courses, List Of Subjects For Business Students At High School

High School Business Courses

Educareguide finds it an absolute to educate School children about High School Business Courses.

Indeed, Junior High School children need to understand what they will study if they read the business program at the High School level.

Also, parents need to understand these courses to help their wards make better-informed decisions about their educational careers. 

Now, you may ask – what are the courses under Business which I can study in High School? Let’s find all the answers right below.


List Of Business Subjects In High School

Certainly, High School children can study the following business subjects in school:

  • Business Management – BM
  • Financial Accounting
  • Economics – Econs
  • Cost Accounting – Costing
  • Elective Mathematics – E Maths
  • ICT Elective
  • Clerical Office Duties – COD
  • French


Course Combinations For Business Students At High School

Even though all these subjects are available for high school students, you will have to select some which you will study.

For this reason, you should know which ones you will combine according to what the school is offering.

Usually, every educational system sets out the guidelines that students will follow to make an acceptable subject combination.

Thus, you will realize that some offer three subjects out of the list whiles others offer four or even five in some educational systems.

For example, some schools may not offer Clerical Office Duties, Cost Accounting, Elective Maths, etc.

Surely, it is the reason why educareguide.com is here to guide in your course selection at High School.

Now, what are the subjects you cannot combine to study at High School? Surly, let’s find that below.


Subject You Cannot Combine At High School – Senior High School.

Senior High School Students cannot combine and study the following subjects in High School:

  • You may not be allowed to read Elective Maths and Cost Accounting at the same time
  • Also, you may not be able to read Accounting and Clerical Office Duties simultaneously.
  • Again, you may not be able to read Elective ICT and Cost Accounting simultaneously.


Which Course Is Best For Business Students At High School?

I will give you the following advice in helping you to decide for yourself:

  • First, you should study Cost Accounting if your goal is to become an accountant in future.
  • Secondly, you should study Elective ICT to become an accounting software programming and database.
  • Thirdly, you may read French if you want to work for an international accounting firm in future.
  • Also, it is a fact that students who read Elective Mathematics at high school have a broader chance to get admission into many courses at the university. Indeed, this is due to the admission requirements of universities and colleges across the world.
  • However, it is an advantage to study cost accounting if you want to have a fruitful career as an accountant or business administrator.

Not only the above, but you should consider the following also in selecting business subjects at High School.

  • When it comes to which courses is best for Business students at the High School level, I will say that it depends on your capabilities, interest and goals in life.
  • For this reason, I will advise you to observe well and find out your areas of strength at the Junior High school level or basic level to decide which subjects you will study at High School.
  • I mean that, examine yourself and realize the subjects you are interested in.
  • Also, you will find out that it was effortless for you to excel in those subject areas than others at Junior High School. 
  • Finally, if you are considering studying a business course in High School, you should consider the above guide very seriously.

I believe that Educareguide has provided you with all the information you seek on High School Business Courses concerning your career.


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