WAEC Orders Investigations Into Leakages In The 2021 WASSCE Exams

WAEC Orders Investigations Into Leakages

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) has given orders, for investigations to be carried out into the many leakages in the 2021 West African Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

In fact, educareguide can confirm that, WAEC, in its press release claims that, the list that was leaked on social media is only a provisional list and thus, has not be finalized yet.

Furthermore, WAEC proceeded to report the incidence to the Cyber Crime Department of the Ghana Police Service.

Currently, there is an ongoing investigations into the matter.

Moreover, WAEC assured the general public to remain calm, and believe in their time tested mechanisms put in place over the years to ensure the sanctity of the exams process.

Indeed, what are some of these arrangements that WAEC has put in place to ensure fairness?


WAEC’s Arrangement Used To Mark Script

WAEC claims It has put in place, the following arrangements to ensure the fairness of the marking process.


  • WAEC does not include the names of schools on the envelopes containing the marking script.
  • In addition to that WAEC makes sure that, they swap the scripts across regions in the country. For instance, they will take central region scripts to let’s say Upper West region.
  • Also WAEC claims that, their scrips goes through a series of vetting processes. In fact, there is a chain of hierarchy that the scrips goes through. Thus, the hierarchy includes: Team Leaders, Chief Examiners, Venue Co-ordinators, etc.


Further Developments About The WASSCE Leakages

Meanwhile, the Coalition for Concerned Teachers (CCT), Ghana, also granted an interview to TV3 news.

In that interview, the body claims that, the release of the examiners identity to the public was most unfair to its member.

Furthermore, the body said that, even the chief examiners of the various subjects do not have the final say on the WASSCE questions.

For this reason, they claim that, WAEC shouldn’t claim the impression that their must decide on the final questions.

As a matter of fact, all these and other matters arising from the ongoing WASSCE examinations cast a snare on the integrity of the examination.

Truly, If WAEC Orders Investigations Into Leakages of the 2021 exams, then it is in its right place.

Sincerely speaking, we hope, that WAEC will really sit up and put better systems in place to avert some of these circumstances, going into the future.

The publicity of the 2021 WASSCE exams  on the national and international media is a negative one.

Thus, Ghanaian certificates may may loose credibility on the global educational scene if care is not taken.

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