BECE Registration Deadline For 2023, The Closing Date For Waec BECE Examination For Junior High Schools Students In Ghana

bece registration deadline for

All J.H.S.3 students in Ghana must know the BECE 2023 registration deadline as the registration draws close.

Interestingly, this guide aims to inform you about the registration deadline for the 2023 BECE.

Educareguide believes you will obtain all the information regarding the 2023 BECE examination as you read this guide.

Remember that the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) is an essential exam for students in Ghana who have completed their junior high school education.

The exam serves as a qualifying examination for students to gain admission into senior high schools and technical institutes in the country. 

Assuredly, this guide will brief you on who can register for the BECE, when the registration starts, the registration deadline, the date for the exam, and the 2023 BECE timetable.


Who Can Register For BECE?

The following category of students can register for the BECE exam in Ghana:

  1. First, students in their final year of junior high school education are eligible to register for the BECE. 
  2. Also, students who have deferred their exams due to health reasons or other valid reasons are eligible to register for the BECE.
  3. Furthermore, adventurous students in JHS 1 and JHS 2 can test their knowledge on the exam.


When Does The 2023 BECE Registration Start?

Usually, we expect the 2023 BECE registration to start in January 2023.

Factually speaking, the 2023 BECE registration is already over, and thus all eligible candidates are preparing for the examination in August 2023

Importantly, students and parents should keep an eye on the GES website or visit their respective schools for updates on the registration process.


BECE 2023 Registration Deadline

The registration deadline for the 2023 BECE exams is April 28th, 2023. Thus, failing to complete your registration by this date will result in your inability to participate in the exams. 

Notably, all Private Candidates should submit all relevant documents and pay the registration fee to the appropriate authorities to guarantee a successful registration.


Which Date Will The BECE Start?

On February 9th, 2023, the Ghana Education Service (GES) issued an official academic calendar for Kindergarten, Primary, and Junior High School levels. 

Remember that earlier information circulated on social media that Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) would take place in September 2023.

However, the GES announced later that the BECE for the year 2023 will commence on April 7th and end on April 11th 2023.

Importantly, all prospective candidates should note these changes and adequately prepare themselves for the examination.

Successful performance in the BECE will go a long way in shaping their educational pursuits and, ultimately, their future.


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