NovDec Registration Date For 2023, When Will The Registration Start For The 2023 NovDec?

novdec registration date for

This guide gives all the details about the Novdec registration date for 2023 and other related details.

If you plan to take the 2023 NovDec exams, you need the details in this guide to aid you to the end of the exam year.

First of all, I will encourage all candidates participating in this year’s NovDec exam to note that it is not too late to try again, as one success erodes multiple failed attempts.

Now let’s delve deeper into detailed information concerning the NoveDec Registration date for 2023, including registration deadlines, exam start dates, and other relevant details.


What Are The Benefits Of NovDec?

The lists below will help you understand why it is essential to register for the upcoming NovDec examination:

  • First, NovDec gives candidates a second chance to obtain their Senior Secondary School Certificate. 
  • Second, Candidates who failed to pass the May/June WASSCE can register for NovDec and use the opportunity to improve their grades. 
  • Additionally, candidates who did not have the opportunity to sit for the May/June WASSCE can register for NovDec and obtain their certificate.


Who Can Register For NovDec?

Regarding the NoveDec Registration date for this year, the exam is open to candidates outside the regular SHS system who wish to obtain their Senior Secondary School Certificate. 

Also, candidates who sat for the May/June WASSCE but still need to obtain the required grades to further their education can register for NovDec.


When Will NovDec 2023 Registration Start?

We expect the registration for NovDec 2023 to start in May 2023. Given this, we advise candidates to check the WAEC website or visit any WAEC office for more information.


NovDec 2023 Registration Deadline

Notably, Waec has yet to announce the deadline for NovDec 2023 registration. However, we advise candidates to register early to avoid any last-minute rush.

Assuredly, you can depend on educareguide for the latest updates on the registration process and requirements for a successful NovDec 2023 exam.


How Can I Register For NovDec 2023?

First, you must buy a Wassce registration voucher from any Wassce-accredited vendor – Post offices, bookshops, banks, etc.

As required, the form should be completed and submitted along with the registration fee to any designated bank or WAEC office.


What Are 2023 NovDec Registration Fees?

The registration fees for NovDec 2023 vary depending on the type of Subject and the number of subjects you intend to register. 

Check the list below for the fee you’re to pay when registering for NovDec 2023:

  • One Subject i.e. English Language (GHS546.00)
  • One Subject, i.e. excluding English Language (GHS501.00)
  • Two Subjects, including English Language (GHS565.00)
  • Two Subjects excluding English Language (GHS520.00)
  • Three Subjects, including English Language (GHS583.00)
  • Three Subjects excluding English Language (GHS539.00)
  • Four Subjects, including English Language (GHS614.00)
  • Four Subjects excluding English Language (GHS569.00)
  • Five Subjects, including English Language (GHS641.00)
  • Five Subjects excluding English Language (GHS596.00)
  • Six Subjects, including English Language (GHS666.00)
  • Six Subjects excluding English Language (GHS621.00)


Can I Write NovDec If I’m Still In School?

No, candidates currently in school are not eligible for the novdec registration date for the year if they are private candidates who are not in school. 

Students in school are expected to sit for the May/June WASSCE. 

If a student in school registers for the NOV/DEC examination in violation of the rules, they may face penalties such as being barred from taking the examination, having their results cancelled or withheld, or facing disciplinary action from their school.

Furthermore, it is essential to check the rules and regulations regarding the NovDec examination to avoid any penalties or negative consequences. 

Lastly, we advise candidates to take advantage of this opportunity and register for NovDec 2023 when the registration begins.

By now, Educareguide is confident that the information shared has provided you with a clear idea of how to proceed with your registration for the 2023 NovDec.


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