Wassce Physics Re-Writing Date, New Date For Physics Wassce 2021, When Will Students Re-Write The 2021 Wassce Physics Paper After Its Cancellation?

wassce physics re-writing date

Currently, many 2021 Wassce candidates are anxiously waiting for when Waec will announce the Wassce Physics Re-writing Date for 2021 examinations.

As we are all aware, Weac canceled the 2021 Physics examination paper due to the reasons for leakages.

Judging from the reports from many media outlets, the paper leaked so badly that even the least inquisitive student had access to the papers long before the time.

So what is causing these widespread leakages of this year’s Weac papers?

Causes Of The Leakage

As a matter of fact, the personalities and organizations who partake in this leakage process are quite many.

Indeed, it starts all the way from certain Waec Officials all the way down to candidates who want a quick way through to academic success.

If you can recall, we list a number of reasons for rampant indiscipline during Wassce examination in our other article.

Surely, you will realize from the article that, the corruption and decadence in our current society is affecting every facet of our lives. 

In this regard, the educational sector is no exception. 

As a matter of fact, many parents and students believe that there is always a short-cut means to excellence in the  examination,

Do you really begrudge them? I wouldn’t blame them alone because some officials and workers in Waec assist them to cheat the system for their selfish benefit.

Indeed, this is not a surprise to me because it is the reflection of the bigger Ghanaian society.

Now check right below the involvement of social media platforms in these leakages.

Involvement Of Social Media

In recent times, I realized that many parents buy smartphones for their children to take to school when it’s time for Wassce examination.

Surprisingly, these parents believe that the students will use the phones to receive “Apor” – i.e. Leaked exam papers electronically during the examination period.

Furthermore, some parents even go to extent of buying the Apor themselves to send it to their wards in the boarding house.

Interestingly, there are some social media platforms that claim they have access to these yet-to-be-written exam papers.

Thus, they persuade anxious parents and candidates to pay some bribe in a form of a subscription fee so they can send the questions to them electronically.

Indeed, this culture is becoming increasingly rampant and muddying the sanity of the Waec examination.

Now check the Wassce Physics re-writing Date right below.

wassce physics re-writing date

Wassce Physics Rewriting Date

So when will Physics paper be written?

Definitely, Waec has already come out with a new date for the rewriting of the Physics Paper.

As a result candidate will write the Physics Paper on 1st October 2021.

Also, Final year students will write the Business Management paper on 7th October, 2021.

That’s why we’ve always admonished you to stay glued to our website, for all the news and updates on Waec exam.

Now find out the entire 2021 Wassce Time Table from our website.


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