General Arts Courses At KNUST, Here Are The Programs You Can Study At Knust

is d7 accepted in knust

The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology offers the following general arts courses in KNUST. Thus, prospective students can apply for any of the programs listed below.

As we always deliver, Educareguide explores all the details about general arts courses at KNUST for SHS graduates who qualify to apply.

Honestly, the University of Science and Technology in Kumasi is a highly reputable tertiary institution established in Ghana with the aim of training science and technology-related human resource needs.

In addition to this mandate, the university offers some courses for general arts students at KNUST, thus broadening the university’s horizon.

As a result, many students desire to enroll and graduate in Arts courses in Knust every year.

Interestingly, both Ghanaians and international students enroll at Knust.

Usually, you may consider general Art Courses In KNUST as humanity courses.


What You Must Know About Bachelor Of Arts Courses In KNUST

Honestly, it shouldn’t surprise you that a science-focused university offers a bachelor of arts program.

Indeed, that shows the dynamic nature of modern-day universities and their courses. Now, what are the art courses available at KNUST?

Indeed, the courses offered by the arts departments at KNUST are elaborate and exciting. Thus, the courses at Knust for general arts students prepare you advantageously for the job market.

Therefore we have listed the courses under the art department of KNUST.

Again, we thought it necessary to provide and continuously update the list of art courses at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology for your benefit as our website visitor.

Furthermore, this guide will look at the grades you should obtain in your Senior High School examination (e.g. WASSSCE) to get admission to KNUST and read an art program.

Meanwhile, remember that the better your aggregate, the better your chances of securing admission into KNUST to read or study an art course.


Here Is A List of KNUST Arts Courses And Requirements

Moreover, general arts students qualify to read the following Programme in KNUST. What are the available arts courses in KNUST for general art students?

Therefore, Knust offers the following courses for general arts students.

Specifically, please search through our site to know the full details of courses offered at KNUST for art students.

Also, you will find the KNUST grades for admission from our other posts on our website.

Now, here is the list of art courses under general arts offered at KNUST:


  • BSc Architecture
  • BSc Land Economy
  • BSc Real Estate
  • BSc Development Planning
  • BSc Human Settlement Planning
  • BSc Construction Technology and Management (BSc Building Technology)
  • BSc Quantitative Surveying and Construction Economics (BSc Building Technology)
  • BFA Painting and Sculpture
  • BFA CERAMICS (Industrial Art)


More List of Courses For General Arts Students At KNUST

  • BSc Metalsmithing and Jewellery Technology (Industrial Art)
  • BSc Textile Design and Technology
  • BSc Fashion Design
  • BA Integrated Rural Art and Industry
  • BA Publishing Studies
  • BA Communication Design (Graphic Design)
  • BSc Business Administration (Human Resource Management/Management)
  • BSc Business Administration (Human Resource Management)
  • BSc Business Administration (Marketing International Business)
  • BSc Business Administration (Marketing International Business)
  • BSc Business Administration (Accounting Banking and Finance)
  • BSc Business Administration (Accounting Banking and Finance)
  • BSc Business Administration (Logistics and Supply Chain Management/Business
  • BSc. Information Technology


Further List Of Bachelor Of Fine Arts Courses At KNUST

  • BSc Business Administration (Logistics and Supply Chain Management BIT)
  • BSc Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • LLB (Degree Holders Only) (Fee-Paying)
  • BA Culture and Tourism
  • BA History
  • BA Political Studies
  • BA French and Francophone Studies (BA. French)
  • BA Akan Language and Culture (BA. Akan)
  • BA Linguistics
  • BA Communication Studies
  • BA Geography and Rural Development.
  • BA English
  • BA Economics
  • BA Sociology
  • BA Social Work
  • BA Religious Studies
  • BEd Junior High School Specialism (Maths, Science, ICT.)
  • BSc Packaging Technology

The above shows that there are multiple of courses available for arts students to choose from in KNUST – Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

Nevertheless, you must remember to obtain suitable grades and aggregate to gain admission to KNUST.


General Art Courses At KNUST And Their Cut Off Points

Honestly, every student who obtains from aggregate 6 to 36 has the right to gain admission to read Knust courses for general arts students, as contained in the university admission laws of Ghana.

Nevertheless, the lack of resources makes it necessary for the university to adopt a cut off point for enrolment in every program.

Usually, the number of applicants for a particular program and the space available in the university will determine the cut-off point.

For this reason, my advice to you is that you should get an aggregate not exceeding 20 to get admission to read an art course at KNUST.

Also, the cutoff point for Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, KNUST admission, is not static. However, it may change from year to year.

Finally, I must say that Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology courses and fees for general art courses at KNUST are usually lower than that of Science programmes.

The next question is, “Can a general arts student offer nursing at KNUST?” Find the answer below.


Can A General Art Student Offer Nursing In KNUST

We ask, “Can general arts students offer nursing at KNUST?”.

Unfortunately, Knust does not currently admit general students.

Again, the next question is – can a general arts student become a nurse? Indeed, the answer is YES: general art students can become nurses.

You can become a nurse upon successful completion of your program of study in nursing. Typically, nursing courses fall under science programs at KNUST.

You can become a nurse upon completing a Bachelor Of Science In Nursing at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

Meanwhile, check the list of nursing training colleges in Ghana here, where you will find the list of nursing courses you can study and how to apply for nursing training in Ghana.

Indeed, you will realize the online nursing training application steps are thoroughly detailed for you here, and even more guides on nursing admission in Ghana.

Moreover, the above shows that every detail regarding KNUST courses for general arts students is given.


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153 thoughts on “General Arts Courses At KNUST, Here Are The Programs You Can Study At Knust”

  1. Rebecca Yeboah

    Please can I offer development planning with government ,economics,twi and CRS as my elective subjects?

          1. Anita Smith Dankwa

            Please can I offer degree nursing at knust? I’m a general arts student

          2. The answer is definitely NO. This is because you need Credits passes in these THREE (3) Elective Subjects to read nursing at knust:
            Biology, Chemistry and Physics or Mathematics.

        1. Please am an arts student who offered Government, Geography, Economics and Elective maths. What programs can I choose

    1. Please I had
      A1 in social studies
      A1 in government
      B3 in English
      B3 in science
      C4 in economics
      C6 in maths
      B3 in IRS
      B2 in geography
      Can I offer degree in nursing at KNUST?

    2. Please I had
      Core maths- B3
      Elective Maths-B3
      Can I offer advertisements and marketing

      1. Please I had A1 in maths A1 in science. A1 in geography. B2 in social studies. BE in economics C5 in English B3 in government. B3 in ict. Can I offer degree nursing at KnUST

      1. I offered General in SHS where i had mathC4 EnglishC6 SocialC4 ScienceB3 HistoryB3 GoverB3 CRSB3 can i computer science at Knust?

        1. The sum of you grades is aggregate 21. That’s too much for admission to read computer at KNUST. Nevertheless, you can read computer science in a private university.

  2. Please i offered General Arts with
    English B3
    Science B2
    Maths A1
    Social B2
    Gov’t A1
    CRS A1
    History A1
    Economics A1
    Can i offer Bsc in Midwifery at tech?

  3. Please I offered general arts can I offer development planning with these grades
    Social b2,core maths A1,Science B3,eng C6,govt b3,geography b2,e-maths b2 and economics b2

  4. Pls I offered General arts and I the ff.
    English =by
    Music =b3
    Can I read communication studies in your school?

      1. Please can i offer computer networking or science at knust with the grade

  5. Please can I offer Communication at KNUST with this grades,

      1. Please I offered general arts at shs and I had these results social d7, English c4, maths b2, science b2, crs b3, economics c4, geography b3, government

    1. Can I offer BA in Public Administration or BA in Political Science with this grade
      Social -A1
      English -C6
      Science -B3
      Economics B3
      Government A1

  6. Hemrrietta Odeisi Appiah

    Please, what program would you advice my daughter read knust as a general art student with literature, CRS, Gorvenmet and Twi as her eletives?? Thanks

      1. Social A1
        English B3
        Science B3
        Maths C4
        Economics B3
        CRS B2
        History B3
        Government C4
        Can I offer nursing in Degree at KNUST

        1. Please I offered general art and I had:
          Social studies : B3
          English Lang: C5
          Core Maths : B3
          Int Science : B3
          Economics : C5
          Government: B2
          History : B2.
          Twi( Asante): B3.
          What program will you advice me to offer?

  7. Please an a general art student
    Here are my results
    Twi B2
    Geography A1
    Economics A1
    Geography B3
    English c4
    Mathematics B2
    Social studies B2
    Science B3

    Please can I offer Bachelor in Nursing. Am I General art student

    Or if you could advise me what good program will it be. Thank you

    1. Janet Nkrumah

      Please, what program would you advice my son to read in knust as a general art student with core maths C6, social studies A1, French C4 Government B2, Economics C6, Geography C6, English C6, inter science A1Thanks

      1. We at Educareguide believe that the interest and abilities of the child should run supreme when it comes to selecting a program at the university. Therefore do not allow the grades of your child to determine the course he studies. Rather, let the child pursue his area of interest. Thanks for asking for our advice.

  8. Please what program can I offer at knust
    Social c4
    Science B2
    Math B2
    English B3
    History C4
    Government C6
    French C6
    Economics C6

  9. Please am having
    C6 in science
    C6 in c.maths
    C6 in English
    D7 in social
    B3 in B management
    D7 in F. Accounting
    B3 in economics
    C4 in E. Maths
    Please can apply for HRM or Hospitality and tourism management over there

  10. Please I am a general art student. What course can I do with this grade :
    Social studies D7
    MATHS C5
    English C5
    Science B3
    Government A1
    History A1
    CRS B3
    French F9

  11. I got C6 in English, Science and social
    Then C6 in Government,Twi then CRS A1 but fail in Maths which caused can i offer

  12. Pls can offer computer scince with english C4,c-maths B3,social B2, science B3,govenment A1, geography B2,economics C4,e-maths C5.

  13. I offered General Arts
    My result in Wassce 2021
    Social studies=B2
    Integrated science =B2
    Government =A1
    History =A1
    English =C6
    Mathematics =C4

    Can I offer computer networking

        1. I had social B3,Science C5,c-maths B2,economics B3,government D7,Geography B3 and Elective maths B3..please can I offer economics at knust

  14. Can i offer bsc nursing with englih C4,c-maths B3,social B2,science B3,government A1,geography B2,economics B3,e-maths C4.

  15. can i offer medicine with english A1,science A1,c-maths A1,social B2,e-maths A1,biology A1,chemistry B2,physics A1.

  16. Carris Owusu Ansah

    Pls am a general arts students
    These are my scores
    Social A1
    English C6
    Maths A1
    Science A1
    Geography A1
    Economics C6
    Government B2
    History D7
    Can I offer degree in nursing at knust??

  17. Can someone with general arts electives; E-Maths, Geography and Economics offer Computer Science or Graphic Design or both?

  18. Please i’m general arts student My results are English B2, Maths B3, Social studies B3, Science C4, Government A1, French A1, CRS A1, Economics C4 Please i’m qualify to study B.A Public Administration in KNUST

  19. Michael+Asante

    My brother offered general arts
    Here is his wassce results
    Social studies B2
    English language C6
    Integrated Science B2
    Mathematics C5
    Government A1
    History A1
    Economics C4
    Geography D7
    Can he offer Geography and rural development

  20. Boadi Kodjo Richard

    Please am a general art student with the following subject
    Core = A1
    Science = B3
    English = C5
    Social = C4
    Government = A1
    Economics = B2
    History = B3
    C.R.S = B2
    Can I offer human resource management at the Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science And Technology.

  21. Plz I did General Art in shs and I offered the following elective subjects
    Plz can I get the chance to study computer science or economics

    Geography B3
    Government A1
    History A1
    Economics B3
    Maths B2
    Science C5
    Social studies B3
    English C6

  22. please I had social B3 english B3 maths C5 science B3 government B3 history C4 literature C4 twi b3 pls can which one can i offer degree in nuring or bachelor in nursing

  23. Please I had
    Social studies – C6
    Mathematics- D7
    English – C4
    Intergrated science- C5
    Government- C4
    Alan Language- C4

    Please can I offer sociology in knust?

  24. I am currently a Student at UEW studying French but the program is too difficult. I’d like to know if I can study English at Tech with English-B3, Maths-B2, Science-B2,CRS-A1, French-A1,History-B3,Social Studies-B3 and Literature-B3. Also if I qualify, would I have to study any other program as a compulsory program?

  25. Mercy Acheampong Tetteh

    English B3
    Core maths C6
    Science A1
    Social B3
    CRS B2
    Literature B3
    Fantse B3
    History B3
    Can i apply for bsc nursing in knust

  26. I have two results and when I combine them my grade is 22 can I use it to apply for any art course in tech?

  27. Please i had
    Social Studies -B3
    English -C4
    Mathematics -C4
    Science -C6
    Economics -C6
    Geography -C4
    Government B3
    Elective maths -D7
    Can I apply for Political Science

  28. Am a general art student with Geography economics government and Elective maths. Can I offer Medical laboratory and technology

  29. I’m general art student with economics, elective maths, Geography and government.can I offer Medical laboratory and technology.

      1. I am a general art student with e-maths, economics, government and geography as my electives. Can I offer bachelor in nursing?

  30. My brother studied General Art with Elective maths, Economics , Geography, Government can he study Computer science at KNUST

  31. Please I offered general arts with e-maths, economics, government and geography as my electives. Can I study human resource management in knust

  32. Please i offered General Arts at SHS and my results are as follow
    English – C4
    Social Studies – A1
    Core Maths – B2
    Int. Science – B3
    Government – A1
    Elective Maths – C4
    Geography – B3
    Economics – C6
    please can i offer Computer Science at KNUST

  33. please am a general arts student offer civil engineering with electives; e-maths, economics , government and geography

  34. Please I offer general art in shs and here are my grade
    Science B2
    English B3
    Mathematics B3
    Social B3
    Economic B3
    History B3

    Please am I qualified for study business administration

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