Can A General Arts Student Offer Geological Engineering, University Programs

general arts student geological engineering

This guide will help you find out whether a General Arts Student can offer Geological Engineering at the university or not.

Furthermore, we will inform you about what Geological Engineering entails and the admission requirements to read such a program in certain Tertiary institutions in Ghana.

Also, we have comprehensive information on when and how you can apply for admission to study Geological Engineering in relevant Tertiary institutions.

Now let us begin by identifying what Geological Engineering entails from the explanation below.


What Is Geological Engineering About?

Factually speaking, Geological engineering is the development and conservation of natural resources in ways beneficial to humankind. 

Furthermore, it encompasses diverse fields such as groundwater resources, geothermal energy and subsurface contamination.

Also, it includes the study of slope stability, environmental site design, and mineral and petroleum exploration and production.

Now let us find out whether a general arts student can study Geological Engineering.


Can Arts Students Read Geological Engineering At The University?

Indeed, arts can study courses in many fields of endeavour. 

In this regard, arts have an extensive scope of which Geology is part.

Therefore, General Arts students can study Geological Engineering because the field falls directly under the Arts.

If you are a General Arts student who has completed SHS, you can apply to read Geological Engineering at Several Tertiary Institutions in Ghana.

Now check out some of the universities and tertiary institutions in Ghana where you can study Geological Engineering from the list below.


Universities In Ghana That Offer Geological Engineering

Honestly, studying Geological Engineering at the university will offer you excellent career opportunities.

As a result, many young people are pursuing degree programs at various universities in Geological Engineering.

Interestingly, the following universities in Ghana offer programs in Geological Engineering:

Remember that all these universities have unique admission requirements for different categories of applicants.

However, there is a kind of standardized requirement you should bear in mind if you want to apply for admission into any of these tertiary institutions above.


General Admission Requirements, Geological Engineering

Applicants must possess the following result:

Credit Passes in these Core Subjects:

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Integrated Science
  • Social Studies

When we say credit passes, we mean at least C6 in all your subjects.

Also, you should have at least C6 in all your elective subjects in either General Arts or Science.

Therefore, business and home economics students do not qualify to read Geological Engineering at the university.


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  1. Addai Sylvester

    Plsss am a general art student with Geography, Economics,E math can I do Mining Engineering or Geological Engineering

      1. Please I offered general arts with the electives economics, geography can I offer geological engineering

  2. Sylvester Amponsem

    Am a general art student with Geography Elective maths and Economics.without physics can I offer geological Engineering

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