Engineering Courses In Legon, Admission Requirements, Fees And How To Apply For The Program

engineering courses in legon

This guide will explore all the information you must know about Engineering Courses In Legon.

Indeed, applicants have options of engineering courses they can choose from at the University of Ghana.

Honestly, this is not a surprise because Legon is the premium university in Ghana.

For this reason, those who passed the Wassce and other related Examinations can always apply to read these Engineering programs at Legon.

Interestingly, we will try to determine which type of engineering courses you can study at the University of Ghana.

Also, we will give information about the admission requirements, the admission process and the fees involved in studying Engineering at UG.

Now check out all these details from the information below.


Does Legon offer Engineering As A Degree Program?

We continuously explore the many courses that Legon offers to undergraduate students at the University.

Assuredly, I can say that the University keeps improving and expanding the number of course offerings to students.

In light of this, we searched and found out that the University runs the following degree courses in Engineering for students. 

Now, check the list right below.


University Of Ghana Engineering Courses

Now, what are the engineering courses in Legon?

Honestly, the College of Engineering At Legon offers some Engineering courses to students at the university.

Therefore here is the List Of Engineering Programmes At Legon their Grades or Cut Off Points:

Now find out the study duration for these Legon Engineering courses from the details right below.


Study Duration For Legon Engineering Courses

So how many years does it take to study Engineering at Legon?

Indeed, the study duration for all the first Engineering programs in Legon is four years for WASSCE graduates. Thus, Wassce graduates will read the program for four years.

However, applicants with an HND certificate will study the program for only two or three years, depending on your class and the HND program.

Now, what is the admission requirement to read Engineering at Legon?

Find out about that right below.


Admission Requirement To Study Engineering, Legon

Applicants must possess the following result:

Credit Passes in these Core Subjects:

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Integrated Science
  • Social Studies

Also, must have at least C6 in three out of the following subjects:

  • Physics
  • Elective Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology

Thus, you realize that only science students best qualify to apply for these engineering programs.

Furthermore, find the admission process to apply for these programs from here.

Also, click here to check out the fees you have to pay to enrol in the Engineering program at Legon.


Is Civil Engineering Offered In Legon?

From the above list of courses offered at UG, you can see that the University of Ghana does not offer a first-degree program in Civil Engineering.

Again, is Architecture and civil engineering offered at Legon?

Likewise, you can realize that UG does not offer Architecture and civil engineering.

However, there are other universities in Ghana that offers such a course.

Therefore, I will entreat you to check the course offerings of these Universities for a Civil Engineering Program:

  • Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Knust.
  • University of Mines and Technology – UMAT
  • The University of Health and Allied Sciences – UHAS
  • The University of Energy And Natural Resources – UENR


Is Physics An Engineering Course?

Before you apply for an Engineering program at the University, you must have a strong Physics background.

Unsurprisingly, this is because the field of Physics forms the basics for advancing in an Engineering career.

Therefore, I entreat you to access your strength in Physics before applying for an Engineering program at the University.


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