Does Legon Offer Procurement, And Supply Chain Management At University Of Ghana?

Does Legon Offer Procurement

Does Legon Offer Procurement, And Supply Chain Management to undergraduate students at the university?

Indeed, this is a thorny question that many prospective applicants ask from our comment section.

This guide will provide all the information you need to make an informed career decision regarding Procurement And Supply Chain Management.

So, why is Procurement, And Supply Chain Management a top-rated program in many Tertiary institutions in Ghana?

Find out about that from the details below.


Why Procurement And Supply Chain Management Is Popular

Factually speaking, the high corruption culture in Ghana hinders the country’s growth in all aspects of national life.

Sadly, the culture of corruption goes on in both private and public organizations in Ghana.

In light of this, the country’s constitution requires every organization to adhere to the procurement Act 2016, Act 914.

Notably, the Act requires every organization to adhere to the procurement laws and procedures when buying anything to run that institution.

In this regard, procurement professionals and employees have become indispensable in any business organization.

Thus, this modern trend offers students who graduate from this field a beautiful opportunity.


Does the University Of Ghana Offer Procurement And Supply Chain Management?

Now does Legon offer Procurement course at the university?

Indeed the University of Ghana offers a wide rand of business programs to students.

Factually, undergraduate students at the University of Ghana offer the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – the top-rated business program at UG.

Interestingly, you can click here to see the various fields of specialization under Bsc, Administration at Legon.

Honestly, you will realize that UG does not explicitly offer Procurement And Supply Chain Management as a program at the university.

Nevertheless, there are other exciting business courses you can study at the University of Ghana.


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