Communication Studies In Legon, Does University Of Ghana Offer A First Degree Program In Communication Studies?

communication studies in legon, UG

As always, we have all the details you need to know about the Communication Studies courses in Legon, University of Ghana.

Indeed, Communication is increasingly becoming a very lucrative field for people who desire to become top professionals in organizations.

As a result, a reputable academic institution such as the University of Ghana continues to mount very modern courses to train professionals in this area of endeavour.

Assuredly, in this guide, you will find out the following details about the Communication Studies programs at Legon:

  • Does UG offer a Bachelor Degree course in Communication?
  • If not, can I read a MA, MPhil, or a PhD in Communication Studies at Legon?
  • What then are the details of the course in terms of Fees, Duration and Mode of Study?

Please find the answers to all the above questions right below.


Does UG offer a Bachelor Degree course in Communication?

Interestingly, many people interested in communication studies can read the as a first degree at UG.

But does the University of Ghana offer this program as a Bachelor degree?

Factually speaking, the University of Ghana does not offer communication studies for a first degree.

If so, then can I study Communication Studies as a Master program at Legon?

Please find the answer right below.


MA, MPhil, PhD In Communication Studies at Legon

Now, does the University of Ghana offer MA, MPhil, and PhD In Communication Studies?

Yes, indeed, UG offers these postgraduate courses in Communication Studies.

For this reason, you can read the following courses at Legon:

  • MA in Communication Studies
  • MPhil in Communication Studies
  • PhD in Communication Studies

Now, what is the admission requirements to read the above programs at UG? Please find out about that on our website in the related guides below.

Also, check the period it will take to complete these postgraduate programmes right below.


The Duration Of Study, Masters In Communication At Legon

Now, how long does it take to complete the Legon Communication Masters Course? In this regard:

  • MA in Communication Studies: – It takes between one and a half to two years to complete this program.
  • MPhil in Communication Studies: – It takes between one and a half to two years to complete this program.
  • PhD in Communication Studies: – It takes between one to two years to complete this program.

So what then will be the mode of study? Let us find about that also below.


Mode Of Study, Legon Communication Masters Program

Are the Legon Postgraduate In Communication Studies a Regular, Sandwich Or Distance Program?

Now does the University of Ghana offers the MSc Communication program on a RegularSandwich, or Distance basis.

In this regard, I cant confidently tell you that the university offers Communication courses only on a Regular and Sandwich basis.

Thus, you must go to the main university campus at Legon, Accra as a full-time student to study this program.

Therefore you will have some difficulty if you are a worker or a professional doing a full-time job.

We will update you whenever the university starts offering the course Distance Learning basis.

For this reason, you should subscribe for notification from our site to keep up to date on all educational news in Ghana and beyond.

Very importantly, you should remember that you will do some of the coursework online. For this reason, you must have a laptop, access to the internet and be very knowledgeable in using computers for online learning.


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