Is Knust Form Out For 2023, Detailed News On Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science And Technology Admission Forms

is knust form out

Usually, prospective students of Knust seek the answer to the question – is Knust Form Out For 2023? That is why all the information you are looking for is right here in this guide.

In addition to that, we will guide you on every piece of information you must know to complete and submit your Knust admission forms for 2023/24.

Indeed, in this guide, you will find answers to the following questions on Knust forms 2023/2024:

  • Are Knust 2023 2024 forms out?
  • When will Knust forms be out?
  • Where can I get Knust forms to buy?
  • What is the price of Knust forms?
  • What is the closing date for Knust forms?


Is Knust Form 2023 2024 Out

Now, are Knust admission forms out for 2023?

Indeed, I can confidently tell you that the 2023 Knust admission forms are out; thus, prospective students can buy them from all the designated outlets throughout the country.

Also, let us Look at some detailed information on how much Knust Forms cost, where you will get Knust forms to buy, and how to apply online for Knust admission.

Apart from Knust undergraduate forms, the information below also applies to the other categories of applicants.

Now is the Knust form out for Postgraduate Degree applicants? Indeed the answer is yes.

Also, Knust admission forms are also out for Distance Learning program applicants.

Now, you will also find details on how to apply for a Knust admission. Let us find out where you can get Knust forms to buy right below.


Where Will I Get Knust Forms To Buy?

Usually, the Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science and Technology sells online application vouchers at various accredited places in Ghana. Therefore, you can buy the Online Application vouchers of Knust from the locations listed below:

  • Cashier’s Office, the Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science and Technology(Mode of payment – only CASH is accepted)
  • All Regional and Major District Offices of Ghana Post – (Mode of payment – only CASH is accepted)
  • Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science and Technology– Accra Office, Accra (Mode of payment – only CASH is accepted)
  • GCB Bank (Mode of Payment-only CASH is accepted)
  • ADB Bank (Mode of Payment –only CASH is accepted)
  • GT Bank (Mode of Payment –only CASH is accepted)
  • CBG Bank (Mode of Payment –only CASH is accepted)
  • ZENITH Bank (Mode of Payment –only CASH is accepted)
  • PRUDENTIAL Bank (Mode of Payment –only CASH is accepted)
  • REPUBLIC Bank (Mode of Payment –only CASH is accepted)
  • ARP Bank (Mode of Payment –only CASH is accepted)
  • Through Mobile Money Short Code *447*160# – All Networks

As usual, we will update you on other outfits or avenues to get Knust application forms as they come on board.

Now, how much is Knust Forms 2023? Let’s now look at how much Knust Forms costs right below.


How Much Does Knust Forms Cost?

Usually, the Knust application form’s price depends on the category of applicants you belong to.

Thus, the following are the details of the Knust forms price:

  • Direct Applicants applying for diploma programmes GHC250;
  • Direct applicants for degree programmes GHC250;
  • Mature applicants for the diploma program GHC250; and
  • Mature applicants for degree programme GHC250;
  • Foreign or International Applicants $150

Direct applicants apply with WASSCE, SSSCE, ABCE, and its equivalents. By the way, you can find out the admission requirements for direct applicants from here.

Moreover, international applicants or those applying abroad can buy their application forms online using Visa Cards or Mastercards.

Furthermore, applicants outside Ghana should proceed with their application by clicking here.

Now, what is the deadline for submitting application forms at Knust? Find out about that below.


Knust Forms 2023 Deadline

Very importantly, there are two deadlines you should have in mind – first, the deadline for the sale of admission forms and the Knust deadline for submission of admission forms.

First, let’s look at the deadline for buying Knust application forms.

Now, what is the closing date for buying Knust admission forms?

In this regard, the deadline for buying Knust forms 2023/2024 is as follows:

  • Direct Applicants applying for diploma programmes, 31st October 2023;
  • Direct applicants for degree programmes, 31st October 2023;
  • Mature applicants for diploma program, 31st October 2023; and
  • Mature applicants for degree programme, 31st October 2023.

Notably, by Tuesday, 30the November 2023, all Knust applicants can buy the application forms from the outlets listed above.

Secondly, let’s look at the deadline for submitting Knust admission Forms. Check it out right below.


Deadline For Submitting Knust Admission Form

Likewise, the university will communicate the 2023 closing for submitting Knust forms in due course.

However, it would help if you were mindful that the last days are dangerous as the internet network can get nasty, thus making it challenging to meet the Knust application deadline for 2023.

Therefore, use the Knust forms buying deadline for 2023 as a reference point. Thus, purchase and submit your Form on time to avoid missing your admission opportunity.

Now, how do I apply for Knust Online? Indeed, check our site to get all the guides you need to know about applying for Knust admission online.

Also, what courses does Knust offer? Now, click here to see the list of all the courses offered at Knust to applicants.


Knust Awaiting Forms 2023 Deadline

As you are aware, the global pandemic makes adjusting most educational calendars worldwide necessary.

Undoubtedly, it is evident to an SHS graduate that the date for completing your final exam is October 2023.

Nevertheless, you can still buy and submit your Form awaiting your Wassce results.

In this regard, you must hurry and process your forms as there are few days left.

Otherwise, I will advise you to wait for your Wassce Examination results before applying to Ghana universities.


Is Admission Still In Progress At Knust?

Usually, Knust admission starts when the university issues out admission forms for a particular out to when the university matriculates the students admitted.

Thus, as at this time, Knust admission is still in progress for the 2023 admission year.


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