Are Wassce Results Out, Wassce 2022 Results Release Date In Ghana

are wassce results out

Are Wassce Results out for the 2022 Wassce Examination? 

Assuredly, you will find all the news and updates about the release of the Wassce 2022 exam results in this guide.

Now, is the 2022 Wassce results out? In order words, when will Waec Release the 2022 Wassce results?

Find the answers to these questions right below.


Are Wassce 2022 Results Out?

S0 is the Wassce results out for 2022 in Ghana, Nigeria and Sierra Leone?

Confidently, I can tell you that the 2022 Wassce examination results is out.

For this reason, click here to check your Wassce result right now.

As you may be aware, the final year candidates just finished the Wassce 2022 examination In October.


Wassce 2022 Results Ghana

Though Waec initially intended to release the Wassce result in just 45 days after the end of the examinations. However, it has taken more than that time to release the result.

Nevertheless, the results are finally here with us.

So where and how can I check my 2022 Wassce result?

Find that right below.

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Wassce Co-ordination Process

First, Waec examiners, team leaders and supervisors have to finish the “coordination” process.

Now, what happens during this coordination process?

During the coordination process, Waec examiners meet to discuss the marking scheme for the various subjects and papers written.

Eventually, they decide as to the marking schemes for the papers that candidates have written.

After deciding on the marking scheme, what happens next? Find out about that right below.


Wassce Marking Process

Secondly, Waec has to distribute the exam scripts to examiners all across West Africa.

When the examiners finish marking the script, they will return them to Waec.

After that, Waec can finalize the process and release the 2022 Wassce results.

From there, the Waec 2022 exam results come out.


When Does Wassce Scripts Marking End?

So when does Waec release the Wasce result?

As per the arrangement Waec has reached with examiners, Wassce Marking Will end by 10th November 2022.

All examiners should finish marking their scripts and hand them over to their respective supervisors for transfer to Waec offices by this time.

Therefore, the marking of Wassce scripts for 2022 has officially ended on Wednesday, 10th November 2022.

You must realize that Waec treats its scripts as security or confidential documents, and thus examiners and officials handle them with absolute care.

So when will Wassce 2022 results be released? Find the answer right below.


When Will The Wassce Results Be Released In 2022?

Interestingly, this time around, Waec intends to release the Wassce result very early.

At long last, Waec has now released the 2022 Wassce examination results; thus you can check your Wassce results from here.

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Waec has released Wassce results earlier because they have put specific strategies to ensure that.

Indeed, Waec is committed to releasing the exam result sooner, and that is why they have sped up the marking process to achieve this objective.

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