Cambridge International College In Zimbabwe

Cambridge International College In Zimbabwe

The question “Is Cambridge International College Accredited In Zimbabwe?” is of importance of many current and soon-to-be students of Cambridge International College.


Cambridge International College In Zimbabwe


For this reason, Educareguide has taken the time to answer the concern of many CIC prospective students in Zimbabwe and beyond.

Cambridge International College – CIC – is an educational institution set up to provide professional, affordable, and high-quality education to students across the globe.

Let’s find out about CIC’s global ranking.


Cambridge International College Global Ranking

Indeed, Cambridge International College is ranked as one of the world’s top distance Learning academic institutions.

Thus, the institution admits members from several countries in the world.

The College is accredited, endorsed, approved, and recognized by many regulatory bodies worldwide, including The British Institute for Learning and Development.

Also, other educational regulatory bodies internationally have accredited and recognized Cambridge International College.

Among these accreditation bodies is the National Accreditation Authority of Zimbabwe.

Before we look at the affiliation of Cambridge in Zimbabwe in detail, let’s look at how you can become a member of CIC.

In this case, how do you become a student of Cambridge?


Membership Of Cambridge International College

The College has members in about 125 countries, of which Zimbabwe is part. The educational institution is very international.

Consequently, the certificate you obtain from Cambridge is recognized in many countries. Thus, it gives you a very competitive advantage in the job market.

The minimum age to become a student of Cambridge International College is 18 years. However, there is no maximum age with which you can enroll.

There was a situation where an 84-year-old man enrolled and graduated from Trinidad and Tobago.

Very importantly, you should know that you can enroll and complete your programs and courses in Cambridge International College without registering through an affiliate.

Indeed, this happens through the College’s Professional Distance Learning Method available to every student. Also, you can register through an Affiliate below.


Cambridge International College Affiliate In Zimbabwe

Cambridge International College has an Affiliate organization in Harare, Zimbabwe. The Cambridge International College Affiliate in Zimbabwe is the Career Development Center.

Some of the services that the Career Development Center provides are:

  • First, they help students with tuition and orientation about Cambridge International College programs.
  • Secondly, they assist students in registering for Cambridge International College exams by forwarding their fees to CIC head office in Great Britain.
  • Also, they provide an examining center so that students can sit for their diploma, degree, and mastery papers in Zimbabwe.
  • Lastly, they facilitate for students to receive their certificate right in Zimbabwe from Cambridge International College-UK.


Cambridge International College 2021 Prospectus

The Cambridge International College 2021 prospectus is out. Previously, you remember that we informed our viewers about the 2019 prospectus.

Now, we can also inform you that the details of the 2021 prospectus have been published. The details of the 2021 prospectus include full information on how to apply for the following programs:

  • International Diplomas
  • Honours/Higher Group Diplomas
  • Baccalaureate
  • Executive Business Administration (EBA)
  • Mastery of Management Graduate Diplomas
  • Executive Mini MBA
  • Executive Mastery of Business Administration (EMBA)

Now, let us look at the fees.


Cambridge International College Fees For Zimbabwe Students

Zimbabwean students should pay US$400 as fees if they make a one-time full payment. However, Cambridge International College has a flexible payment option.

As a result, you can spread your payment over three months’ installments. In that case, Zimbabwean students will pay a three months installment of US$180. 

Also, students who register for two programs at a go will have these payment terms. They will pay US$800 for a one-time full payment and US$360 for three monthly installments. 

Furthermore, you can check out the full fees details.


Steps To Complete The Validation Of Your Certificate In Zimbabwe

Cambridge International College is fully accredited in Zimbabwe. Nevertheless, there are things you may need to do to complete the Equivalence of your Certification.

What do I mean by that? When you get a Cambridge certificate, there may be the need for the National Accreditation Authority of Zimbabwe to give you an accreditation letter stating the equivalence of that certificate in Zimbabwe qualification terms.

Thus, your CIC certificate might be equivalent to a Diploma, a Higher National Diploma(HND), a Degree, Masters, etc.


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