Baccalaureate Offered By Cambridge International College

Baccalaureate Cambridge International College

There are many Baccalaureate programs that Cambridge International College offer.


Baccalaureate Cambridge International College


Indeed, the college offers these courses online or distance learning basis.

As a result, CIC offers you many Cambridge International College online courses or distance learning courses that you can study to suit your career and interest.

Cambridge International College is a global tertiary educational institution offering various career programs worldwide.


Henceforth, Educareguide identifies with this vision and mission of the college.

Therefore, we will provide you with every detail about Cambridge International College Online Baccalaureate courses and programs (otherwise known as Degree).

Additionally, this guide will help you make very beneficial and informed educational and career choices and decisions for your life.


Educational Or Study Levels Offered By Cambridge International College

Interestingly, the college offers many programs at various academic levels.

For this reason, they offer educational programs at the following levels of academic pursuit:

  • Certificate
  • Diploma
  • Baccalaureate
  • Advanced Business Administration (ABA)
  • Baccalaureate
  • Executive Business Administration (EBA)
  • Mastery of Management Graduate Diploma
  • Executive Mini MBA
  • Executive Mastery of Business Administration (EMBA)
  • Joint ILM City and Guilds and CIC Awards (Higher, ABA, EBA, AMBMA)

Now, look at Baccalaureate or degree programs you can study at Cambridge International College.


List Of Degree Or Baccalaureate Programs At Cambridge International College

Truly, Cambridge International College offers many Baccalaureate programs.

What is the period or duration Cambridge International College gives you to finish a Baccalaureate from Cambridge International College?

Remember that Cambridge International College gives you 24 months to complete your diploma program upon registration.

Thus, that is a total of 2 years to finish your program. However, some situations may demand the postponement of your examination.

In this case, you should notify the college of the necessary arrangements. Now, let’s look at the list of Baccalaureate programs you can study at Cambridge International College.

  • Business Administration
  • Commerce & Administration
  • Computers & IT Management & Administration
  • Education Leadership & School Administration
  • English & Administration
  • Environmental Planning & Administration
  • Financial Administration
  • Hospitality Administration
  • Human Resource Administration
  • HR & Occupational Health & Safety
  • Insurance, Risk Management & Administration
  • Management & Administration
  • Management, Business & Administration
  • Marketing Administration
  • Materials & Logistics Administration
  • Project Administration

Other Information About CIC Online Baccalaureate Programs

Now, “How much will you pay to register for a Cambridge International College Baccalaureate diploma Program?

Also, what are the total expenses you will incur to finish a Cambridge International College Baccalaureate program?

Given that, find out all about Cambridge International College Fees and Payments below:


Fees And Payment Methods CICBaccalaureate


Moreover, your fees include the cost of all the relevant study materials and guide you need for your Baccalaureate program.

Thus, the college will give you access to the first module of your program immediately after you complete your registration.

Therefore, you can proceed to your membership portal and access it. Also, you can log in to your special member section to access the information about your program.


Furthermore, you can manually enrol for your Cambridge International College Online Courses or through online enrollment.

Indeed, many Fees Payment Methods are available for Cambridge International College students.


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