Is Cambridge International College Accredited In Ghana?

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The question “Is Cambridge International College Accredited In Ghana?” is of importance of many current and soon to be students of Cambridge International College.


Is Cambridge Accredited In Ghana


First of all, Cambridge International College is accredited in the United Kingdom (UK) and many worldwide reputable bodies.

As a matter of fact, Educareguide can tell you that, Cambridge International College is an educational institution set up to provide, professional, affordable and high quality education to students across the globe.

Thus, the institution admits members from several countries in the world. Now, the question is – is Cambridge international college fake? Now, lets find the answer just below.


Is Cambridge International College Fake In Ghana?

The College is accredited, endorsed, approved and recognized by many regulatory bodies worldwide including the British Institute for Learning and Development.

Also, there are other number of educational regulatory bodies internationally who accredits and recognise Cambridge International College certificates.

Certainly, Cambridge International College  was accredited in Ghana over many years by the National Accreditation Board (NAB).

However, recently, the Ghana National Accreditation Board (NAB) has withdrawn the accredited due certain procedural reasons.

This means that, Cambridge International College is no longer accredited in Ghana. Thus, you take a personal risk, if you enroll in Cambridge International College in Ghana.

Surely, educareguide will provide you with all the details regarding the withdrawal of the accreditation, and the way forward for students who have already enrolled.

Before we look details into affiliation of Cambridge in Ghana, lets look at how you can become a member. In this case, how do you become a student of Cambridge?


What Happens To CIC Certificates Acquired Earlier?

Now, the next question is, what happens to people who acquired Cambridge International College Certificate before the withdrawal of accreditation by the National Accreditation Authority of Ghana?

As a matter of fact, the decision to withdraw the Cambridge International College accreditation in Ghana by the NAA does not take retrospective effect.

For this reason, all certificates acquired before the withdrawal of the accreditation a still valid.

In addition to that, you can realize that it the NAA itself the issued accreditation letters to students who acquired Cambridge International College Certificate.

Therefore, the NAA’s recent withdrawal of accreditation cannot invalidate all the letters they’ve issued to graduates over the years.


Membership Of Cambridge International College

In fact, the College has members in about 125 countries in the world of which Ghana is part. Surely, the educational institution is very international in nature.

For this reason, Cambridge International College online courses are available for everyone to study.

Consequently, the certificate you obtain from Cambridge is recognized in many countries in the world. Thus, graduating in CIC gives you a very competitive advantage on the global job market.

The minimum age to become a student of Cambridge International College is 18 years.

However, there is no maximum age with which you can enroll. There was a situation where an 84 years old man enrolled and graduated in Trinidad and Tobago.

To emphasize clearly, you can enroll and complete your programs and courses in Cambridge International College without registering through an affiliate.

Indeed, this happens through the College’s Professional Distance Learning Method available to students. Let’s look at some of the officially accredited organisations of Cambridge in Ghana.


Cambridge International College Ghana

Now, you may ask – where is Cambridge International College located in Ghana?

Surely, the following institutions in Ghana, have an Affiliation with Cambridge International College UK, to run Cambridge International College Courses:

  • Deita Investment & Cambridge International College – Agona Swedru
  • Heaf Professional College – Accra
  • Hebron Business Institute – Accra
  • Ghana – Global Executive Institute – Accra
  • Abeam Institute of Technology
  • Ghana Principals College

You can enroll in any of the above affiliated organizations in Ghana or take advantage of the professional Distance Learning method.

Notably, I must remind you that, opting for the later comes with certain terms and conditions you must fulfill, before you can register and graduate from the college.

Now, lets look at what you must do to certify your Cambridge International College certificate in Ghana below.


Steps To Complete The Validation Of Your Certificate In Ghana

Cambridge International College is fully accredited in Ghana. Nevertheless, there are things you may need to do in order to complete the Equivalence of your Certification.

What do I mean by that? When you get a Cambridge certificate, there may be the need for the National Accreditation Board of Ghana to give you an accreditation letter stating the equivalence of that certificate in Ghanaian educational terms.

Thus, your certificate might be equivalent to a Diploma, a Higher National Diploma(HND), Degree, Masters, etc. Let’s look at some of the Cambridge International College online courses below.


Cambridge International College Online Courses

Here are a list of Cambridge International College online courses that you may enroll in:



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6 thoughts on “Is Cambridge International College Accredited In Ghana?”

  1. Stanley papa Turkson

    In fact i acquired CIC certificate 2009 I sent it to NAB 2020 February , they took my money yet they have not given me the evaluation letter. What should I do

  2. Went to Abbeam Institute for some enquiries. They said at the moment they only offer diploma because of covid related issues. They didn’t make mention of the accreditation problem. Please what is the current situation now and is it advisable to enroll at the moment??

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