UENR Result Checking Portal, How To Check Your Result At University Of Energy And Natural Resources

uenr result checking portal

The UENR Result Checking Portal is an online platform for students of the University of Energy and Natural Resources to check their exam results online.

Certainly, Educareguide will walk you through all the necessary steps you need to log in to your student portal and check your result.

Usually, as a student of UENR, you may seek to find how to check your exam results online.

Assuredly, you will find out how to check your end of semester result wherever the University of Energy and Natural Resources releases it.

Now, how can I check my result at UENR? Surely, follow the steps below to do so.


How To Check Your UENR Results Online

Indeed, you can use the UENR student results check page to find your semester result.

Thus, follow these steps below to check your result at UENR:

uenr sis page

  • Second, enter your Username and Password in the fields provided on the page.
  • Next, click on the “Login” button below the page to sign in to your UENR
  • Furthermore, please navigate to the student result checking section on the page and click on it.
  • After that, please select the course you want to check its semester result and submit your query.

Use the steps below in case you are unable to login into the portal.


Reset UENR Result Portal Password

If you cannot remember your password, then use these steps to reset your UENR login password:


UENR Result checking portal password reset page


  • Second, enter your UENR Exam ID into the field provided on the page;
  • Next, click on the “Send” button to find your UENR exam result.

If you want to download your result statement, then the process is as easy as explained below.


Download Your UENR Results Transcript

Follow these steps to download your Uenr statement of result:

  • First, login to your UENR result check portal as explained above;
  • Second, head to the result check section of the page you’ve opened;
  • Third, click on the download result;
  • Fourth, click on the save file button on the pdf reader menu.

Now that you have downloaded your results learn how to print and save them as hard copies.


Print Your UENR Transcript

  • Now follow these steps to print your Uenr statement of result:
  • First, connect your phone or computer to a working print;
  • Second, make your printer settings or import already made settings from your internal memory;
  • Next, issue the “Print” command.


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