Is UENR A Government University, Find Out Whether UENR Is A Public University Or Private University

is uenr a government university

Interestingly, many who want to apply for admission to the University of Energy and Natural Resources will first like to find out if UENR is a government university or not.

Therefore, in this guide, we are going to expose you to some fascinating facts about:

  • first, the University of Energy and Natural Resources;
  • second, the benefits of enrolling in a government tertiary institution;
  • third, the demerits of enrolling in a government tertiary institution.

Now check all the details right below.


Is UENR A Public University?

So is UENR a private university or a public university?

Confidently, I can tell you that UENR is a government university in Ghana.

Factually, the legal framework that establishes the university is the Act of Parliament, Act 830, 2011.

Therefore, UENR is a public-funded university in Ghana. 

So what is the purpose of establishing the university? Find out about that right below.


UENR Area Of Specialization

Now, why did the government of Ghana set up the University of Energy and Natural Resources?

Honestly, setting up UENR aims to provide leadership and management of energy and natural resources in Ghana.

 Not only that but also to be a centre of excellence in those critical areas of endeavours.

So what are the benefits and disadvantages of attending a public university in Ghana instead of a private university?


Public University Vs. Private University

Now let us consider some of the benefits you will gain if you attend UENR:

First, because UENR is a public university, the fees you will pay are pretty moderate as opposed to the fees private universities charge.

Secondly, government universities tend to have bigger campuses to explore a new world of campus life, which private universities offer.

Third, government universities are more popular than private ones, which gives some sense of pride and belongingness.

If you are interested in applying for admission at the University of Energy and Natural Resources, then find out the courses you can study at UENR and their Cut Off Points from here.


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