uds courses and cut off points

UDS Courses And Cut Off Points – Find The List Of UDS Courses And Their Admission Requirements

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The Management of University For Development Studies offers the following UDS Courses And Cut Off Points to applicants.


uds courses and cut off points


Indeed, University For Development Studies is a highly reputable and dynamic tertiary educational institution.

Now, it very necessary for students who seek admission to UDS to know to various course options available to them.

Certainly, equipping yourself with this know knowledge will aid you to make well-informed academic decisions for your career.

Surely, this guide will aid you in this regard.

Now what is the meaning of cut off point? Find the explanation of what a cut off point is below:


Cut Off Points For UDS – Entry Requirements To UDS

Now, what do I mean by Of UDS programmes and cut off points?

A cut off point is the minimum aggregate an applicant must have in order to secure an admission to a school, university or college.

Thus, the lower the number of aggregate, the more your chance you have of getting admission to study a course or program of your preference.

Truly, knowing the courses offered in UDS and their cut off points helps you to set a performance target for yourself even before you write your wassce examination.

Assuredly, Educareguide has compiled a list of all UDS cut off points 2021/22 for your benefit. Therefore, you will find every UDS course and its cut off point in this article.


UDS Programmes And Cut Off Points

At this point, let’s go through the complete checklist of UDS Courses And Their Cut Off Points right below.

As a matter of caution, you should strive to attain the best of grades, as very few applicants get admission with the cut off aggregate.

As a word of caution, do not make the cut off point your must get aggregate. Rather strive to get an aggregate that is better than the cut off point.

Certainly, the cutoff point changes from year to year, depending of the situation. You will find the List Of all UDS Courses and their minimum admission requirements for 2021/22 below:

  • BA Development Education   19
  • BEd Agricultural Science   20
  • BEd Basic Education     21
  • BEd Early Childhood Care And Education   21
  • BEd Family And Consumer Science      19
  • BEd Social Science         16
  • BSc Agribusiness        18
  • BSc Agriculture Technology         17
  • BSc Aquaculture Technology And Fisheries Science      16
  • BSc Biotechnology And Molecular Biology         17
  • BSc Community Nutrition         19
  • BSc Ecotourism And Hospitality Management       16
  • BSc Environmental Management And Sustainability          18
  • BSc Family And Consumer Science             17
  • BSc Fisheries And Aquaculture Technology            20
  • BSc Food Science And Technology         15

Definitely, the list is not exhausted as you can find more courses that UDS offer just below.


Courses Offered In UDS

  • BSc Health Information Management          14
  • BSc Medical Imaging Technology              14
  • BSc Midwifery                    13
  • BSc Nurse Anaesthesia         14
  • BSc Nurse Practitioner           13
  • BSc Nursing              13
  • BSc Paediatric Nursing            14
  • BSc Physician Assistant           13
  • BSc Renewable Natural Resources           17
  • BSc Social Change Communication            18
  • BSc Veterinary Nursing              16
  • Certificate In Early Childhood Care And Education     19
  • Diploma In Agriculture Science Education             20
  • Diploma In Agriculture Technology              20
  • Diploma In Basic Education         20
  • Diploma In Biotechnology And Molecular Biology          19
  • Diploma In Development Education       16
  • Diploma In Development Education Studies           17
  • Diploma In Early Childhood Care And Education         18
  • Diploma In Family And Consumer Science          17
  • Diploma In Social Change Communication        16

As can be seen from above, the University For Development Studies Offers a wide range of programs to undergraduate students.

Certainly, the above information reflects prevailing UDS cut off points which we would update from time to time. Therefore bookmark and stay glued to our website for any latest updates.


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