ABU Courses And Cut Off Mark 2023, Ahmadu Bello University List Of Programs And Admission Requirements

abu courses and cut off mark

Find out all the ABU Courses And Cut Off Mark list if you are interested in gaining admission to Ahmadu Bello University. 

Thus go through the alternative list of courses that the university offers to make an informed choice.

Indeed, this guide will help you find the complete list of programmes you can study at ABU.

Not only that, but the entry requirement to get admission at ABU as well.

Now, what are the courses offered at ABU?

Ahmadu Bello University ABU Courses Admission

Interestingly, the courses offered at ABU reflect the very needs of our modern world.

Also, the programs at ABU challenge the thinking faculties of students to bring the very best out of them.

Before applying for admission to any university, remember always to consider your interest and passion for the sector.

Courses At ABU And Cut Off Mark

As always, you should have an excellent exam result to have an advantage in obtaining admission to any university.

For this reason, you must evaluate your result with the cut-off mark listed below to see if you qualify for admission at ABU.

Now, find courses for applicants to ABU university and their cut off points below:

  • Architecture   180
  • Building    180
  • Fine Arts    190
  • Geomatics    180
  • Quantity Surveying   180
  • Industrial Design  190
  • Glass and Silicate   180
  • Technology   200
  • Urban and Regional Planning   190


Law Courses At ABU
  • Civil Law   240
  • LLB with   240
  • Specialization in Islamic Law    240


Science Courses At ABU
  • Biochemistry    220
  • Biology   220
  • Botany   200
  • Microbiology    200
  • Zoology   200
  • MBBS   200
  • Human Physiology   220
  • Human Anatomy    240
  • Nursing Sciences   200
  • Dental Surgery   240
  • Medical Laboratory Science    220
  • Medical     240
  • Radiography   200
  • Veterinary Medicine    220


Pharmaceutical Science Program
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences   240
  • Pharmacology   240
  • B.Sc Toxicology   220
  • B.Sc Herbal Pharmacy   220


Physical Sciences
  • Chemistry    200
  • Geography     190
  • Physics    220
  • Geology   180
  • Mathematics   200
  • Computer Science    190


Social Sciences Programmes
  • Political Science    180
  • International Studies     180
  • Sociology   180
  • Mass Communication    190
  • (Television Production, NTA College Jos)    180
  • (Television Journalism, NTA College Jos)   180

Humanity Vs. Science Courses

While seeking admission at ABU, you should be mindful of the category of programmes and the admission requirements that comes with it.

Thus, you will find out the cut of mark of Science related courses is relatively higher than that of Humanity courses at ABU.

Because of this, science students at Senior Secondary schools should work hard to get the best grades if they dream of securing admission at Ahmadu Bello University.

From the above, it is evident that you have multiples of alternative courses available at your disposal.

Nevertheless, take into consideration the grades you have before applying.

Also, consider your area of interest and passion before you enroll in any of the programs at the university.

abu courses and cut off mark


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