Delsu School Fees For Freshers 2023, Find Out How Much You Should Pay At Delta State University Abraka

delsu school fees for freshers

Fresh Student students who gain admission at Delta State University must know the Delsu School Fees For Freshers.

Definitely, there is a difference between the fees that continuing students pay and the fees that freshers pay at the university.

Thus find the full details of fees for freshers in all categories of programs at Delsu in this guide.

Now, who is a fresher? Find out about that right below.


Fresh Student Vs. Continuing Student

Indeed the term fresher is used to describe students who have just gained admission into the university.

In other words, these are the first-year students at the university.

On the other hand, Continuing students are in levels 200, 300, and 400.

In other words, they are students in their second, third or fourth year of their studies at the university.

Now check the fees that fresh students will have to pay at the Delta State University Abraka right below.


Indigenes Vs. Non-indigenes

Indeed, the amount of fees you pay at the university is dependent on whether you are an indigene or a non-indigene.

So who is an indigene and who is a non-indigene at Delta State University?

In this regard, indigenes are students who reside in Nigeria, while non-indigenes are students who live outside Nigeria.


Freshers Fees At Delsu For 2023

Notably, the university differentiates its fees along with the category of indigenes and non-indigenes.

As a matter of fact, fresh students at Delta State University who are indigenes will pay total school fees of N64,500.00 to start their academic journey at the university.

On the other hand, Delsu school fees for freshers who are not indigenes for the year 2023 is N84,500.00 as total fees at the university.


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