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upsa grading system for

The UPSA grading system ensures very high academic standards for students who enroll to study various programmes at the University.

Now, Educareguide is here to show you the UPSA grading system and how to calculate the GPA.

Thus find all the details about the grading system at UPSA in the information below.


The Grading System At UPSA

The UPSA grading system measures the semester examination performance of a student’s average points recorded in a particular semester.

Here are the Marks, the Grade, and the corresponding Alphabet and Interpretation that UPSA uses to grade its students:

upsa grading system for


UPSA Pass And Failure Grades

Notably, the pass mark of UPSA begins from A and ends at C, while the failure marks start from D to Z. Take note of this.

Again, a grade of D is unsatisfactory in General Education even though the University considers it a failure.

Now, a student can graduate when they can get three Ds in General Education at level hundred (100).

Moreover, the only group who will not graduate is those with grades X, Z, and IC.

At UPSA, your total marks comprise 65% end-of-semester and 35% continuous assessment.


How To Calculate UPSA GPA

Firstly, we must know that GPA stands for Grade Point Average.

Also, the University uses the GPA to measure students’ academic performance for a whole semester.

Usually, it appears in Numbers, Percentages, and letters.

Now, this is the formula for calculating UPSA GPA:

GPA=Sum of all courses in a semester / Total Semester Credit Hours.


UPSA GPA Calculation Illustration

Assuming you want to calculate GPA with these four subjects below and you obtained the following Grades and credit hours:


Credit Hours


Pharmacy Informatics

3 (credit)




2 (credit)









To get the sum total of credit hours, we add the number of credit hours obtained. 

Below is the calculation of what we discussed above:

Sum of Credit hours =3+2+3+2 = 10

Again, we add the number of grades obtained to get the total sum of grades. 

Sum of Grades = 4+5+6+5 = 20

20 / 10 = 2.0 GPA


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