University Forms Available Now 2023, Full List Of Tertiary Institutions In Ghana That Have Issued Their Admission Forms For Sale

university forms available now

Prospective students of various universities in Ghana should notice the following list of University Forms available now for sale.

Indeed, those of you who have completed SHS or written the WASSCE exams need to know the list of university forms that are available now for sale.

Also, this guide will interest applicants who want to apply to read Masters programmes on a regular, sandwich, or distance learning basis.

For this reason, Educareguide regularly compiles and updates the list of tertiary institutions selling their admission forms.

Meanwhile, check below for detailed information on when Legon and UCC forms will be out in 2023.

For now, I can assure you that our informative guide shows which universities in Ghana are selling their admission forms.

In other words, you will find the list of Universities in Ghana Offering admission to applicants.

Indeed, you will find the complete university admission forms available for sale in the list below.


Which University Forms Are Still Available In Ghana

Now which universities are still selling their admission forms in Ghana?

Educareguide has here the list of universities that are still issuing admission forms. Indeed you find their names and acronyms or nicknames in the list below.


Public Universities In Ghana

Interestingly, the following Ghanaian public universities have their admission forms on sale for the 2023-2024 Academic year:

Now, let’s find the private universities whose admission forms are also out.


List Of Private Universities In Ghana

Also, the following private universities are offering their admission forms for sale for the 2023/2024 academic year right now:

  • Valley View University VVU
  • Trinity Theological Seminary, Legon TTS
  • Akrofi-Christaller Institute of Theology, Mission and Culture ACI
  • Central University Central
  • Pentecost University Pent Vars
  • All Nations University ANU
  • Ashesi University Ashesi
  • Accra Institute of Technology AIT
  • African University College of Communications AUCC
  • Anglican University College of Technology ANG.U.TECH
  • Catholic University College of Ghana CUG
  • Christian Service University College CSUC
  • Family Health Medical School FHMS
  • Good News Theological Seminary GNTS
  • Islamic University College ICUG
  • Knutsford University College Knutsford

The list is not exhausted. There is more list of universities below.


Which Other University Forms Are Out In Ghana 2023

In addition to the above, here is a further list of university forms that are out for 2023:

  • Lancaster University LUG
  • Methodist University College Ghana MUCG
  • Presbyterian University College PUC
  • Wisconsin International University College WIUC
  • Central University College Central
  • Catholic Institute of Business and Technology CIBT
  • National Film and Television Institute NAFTI
  • Institute Of Accountancy Training IAT
  • Narh-Bita School of Nursing Narh-Bita
  • Ghana Institute of Languages GIL
  • St. Victor’s Seminary SVMS
  • St. Peters Seminary SPMS
  • St. Paul Seminary SPCS
  • Ghana Armed Forces Command and Staff College – Master’s degree GAFCSC
  • Regional Maritime University RMU

Indeed, the list is not exhausted. As a result, there is more list of universities below.


Other University Forms You Can Buy For 2023

Indeed the list is still not exhausted as these other universities are also offering their admission forms for sale:

  • Blue Crest College (formerly NIIT Ghana College) BCCG
  • Ensign College of Public Health ECOPH
  • College of Science, Arts and Education CSAE
  • Accra Institute of Technology AIT
  • Osei Tutu II Institute for Advanced ICT Studies
  • KAAF University College KUC
  • Radford University College Radford
  • Garden City University College GCUC
  • Regent University College of Science and Technology Regent
  • Technical University College TUC
  • Spiritan University College Spiritan
  • Data Link University College DLUC
  • Mountcrest University College MCUC
  • University College of Agriculture and Environmental Studies UCAES
  • Entrepreneurship Training Institute ETI
  • Deltas University College DUC
  • Evangelical Presbyterian University College EPUC

Indeed, the list is once again not exhausted. Please find more list of universities below.


Additional List Of Private Universities Whose Forms Are Out

  • Ghana Baptist University College GBUC
  • Kings University College KUC
  • Maranatha University College MUC
  • Meridian (Insaaniyya) University College MEDUCOL
  • Pan African Christian University College PACUC
  • Wisconsin International University College WIUC
  • Advanced Business University College ABUC
  • BlueCrest University College BCUC
  • Jayee University College JUC
  • University College of Management Studies UCOMS
  • The Bible University College of Ghana BUCG
  • Catholic Institute of Business and Technology CIBT
  • Ghana Communication Technology University GCTU
  • North American Center for Professional Studies NACPS
  • Premier Institute of Law Enforcement Management and Administration PILEMA


Where To Buy The Admission Forms Of Universities In Ghana

First, some universities and colleges sell their admission forms at the university’s administration office.

Furthermore, you may buy university admission forms or vouchers from Ghana Post Offices nationwide.

Also, some of them sell an admission voucher which you can buy from Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB Bank Ltd) and other major banks across Ghana.

Very important to check out the details that the guides below give on getting admission into a university in Ghana.

Not only that, but Educareguide has also given a complete guide to admission to any university and college you want to apply to.


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35 thoughts on “University Forms Available Now 2023, Full List Of Tertiary Institutions In Ghana That Have Issued Their Admission Forms For Sale”

  1. Daniel Ahlivia

    1.I need a professional answers to this question pls….. what is the difference between polytechnic university, technical university and university it self..
    2. Also can my ward get admission to any university, technical or polytechnic institute in ghana with a grade E8 in mathematics,D7 in English?

    1. Thanks a lot for your question. Please pay attention to the following questions?
      First Polytechnics are not universities.

      However, polytechnics can be upgraded to what is know as Technical Universities. In this case, the institution will be able to rollout certain programme and award a higher level of certificate than Polytechnics. Nevertheless, Technical Universities are still not fully fledged universities as the likes of UCCC and UG-Legon are.

      Moreover, universities are the highest institution of learning that can offer certificate up to Phd Level and in most cases be able to award professorial honor to deserving personalities. Thus, Universities are also higher than Technical Universities.

      Conclusively, the hierarchy follows this way:
      First, Universities;
      Second, Technical Universities; and
      Last, Polytechnics.

      Answer To Your Second Question:
      Polytechnics and Technical Universities accept D7 but don’t accept E8.

      Also, Realize that, Universities don’t accept D7 ac admission requirement.

  2. Is there any extension of the admission forms of aamusted 2022 ??because I heard the deadline is 30th July 2022



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