How To Apply For Chevening Scholarship, How Do You Get A Chevening Scholarship?

how to apply for chevening scholarship

This guide educates you on all the information you need on how to apply for the Chevening Scholarship.

Also, the guide explores other details such as:

  • Who qualifies to apply for the Chevening Scholarship;
  • How To Apply for the Chevening Scholarship;
  • The Application Deadline and
  • How to contact the Chevening Scholarship Office.

First, let’s look at what the Chevening scholarship is about.


What Is The Chevening Scholarship For International Students?

Chevening Scholarship is the UK government’s international scholarship programme.

Notably, the Chevening Scholarship is Funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office and partner organizations.

Interestingly, the scholarship scheme offers awards to students to study master’s degree courses in the UK for one year.

Also, the scholarship is a fully funded one for students who enroll.

Also, Successful Chevening candidates come from a different range of countries and backgrounds, with the same passion, skills, vision, and needs to shape a better world.

First, you should be a brilliant but needy student who wants to achieve your educational and career dreams.

Now, let’s know who qualifies to apply for the Chevening Scholarship.


Who Is Eligible For British Chevening Scholarship?

So, who qualifies for the Chevening Scholarship?

Remember that you must meet the following Eligibility Criteria to qualify for the Chevening Scholarship:

  • First, you should Bbe a citizen of a Chevening-eligible country or territory.
  • Second, you must return to your country of citizenship for a minimum of two years after the scholarship program.
  • Third, you must hold a degree that will assist you in gaining entry to a postgraduate programme at a UK university.
  • This is typically equal to an upper second-class 2:1 honours degree in the UK (Note that this may be different in your country depending on your program and choice of university.
  • Next, you should have at least two years (equivalent to 2,800 hours) of work experience.
  • Also, you should receive an unconditional offer from one of the theree eligible UK universities by the application date.

Now, look at the courses or programs you must study to be eligible for the Chevening Scholarship.


Eligible University Courses And Programmes

To be eligible, the courses you choose must be full-time, and:

Start in the autumn term (September/October).

In this regard, the course should be one of the following:

  • Taught master’s (not research-focused MRes programmes)
  • Lead to a master’s degree qualification
  • Based in the UK

Remember that the courses cannot be:

  • Part-time
  • Distance learning
  • Also, Less than nine months in duration and at the same time,
  • More than 12 months in duration
  • Also, PhD or DPhil
  • Taught with more than one (1) month of study outside the UK.

So, what will be your benefits if you win the Chevening Scholarship?


Benefits Under The Chevening Scholarship Scheme

So, how much is Chevening monthly stipend?

As part of the benefits of the scheme, students will enjoy the following:

  • First, tuition fees
  • Second, a monthly stipend
  • Third, travel costs to and from the UK
  • Fourth, an arrival allowance
  • Fith, a homeward departure allowance
  • Next, the cost of one visa application and
  • Also, a travel grant to attend Chevening events in the UK

Now, how do I apply for the Chevening Scholarship?


How To Get Chevening Scholarship

You must follow these steps to apply for the Chevening Scholarship:

  • First, ensure you meet the Chevening qualifying criteria and understand Chevening policies by reading the guidance pages.
  • Second, gather your document.
  • After gathering all the required documents, Scan them to your Computer or Mobile Phone to easily upload them. 
  • Fourth, Research your course choice.
  • Remember that you must choose three (3) different eligible master’s courses and select them on your application form.
  • Secure Referees.
  • Also, you must present Two (2) written Referees if invited, One Professional and One Academic.
  • Remember to Keep Up To Date
  • Dates and timelines are essential in the Application process. We can always remind you whenever the Scholarship Application is Open.
  • Next, gather your document and take action.
  • After gathering all the required documents, please upload them from your Computer or Mobile Phone to the Chevening Scholarship application portal.


Can I Stay In The UK After Chevening?

From the above eligibility criteria, you will realize that applicants should return to their country of citizenship after completing the scholarship course in the UK.
Thus, you cannot stay in the UK after the Chevening Scholarship program.
Nevertheless, you can easily get a visa to work in the UK when you reapply for a working visa from your country of citizenship.
As a result, you will get back to the UK again if you wish.


Application Deadline For The Chevening Scholarship

The application deadline is 7 November 2023 every year at 12:00 GMT (midday UK time).


How To Contact The Chevening Scholarship Office

Students can contact the Chevening Scholarships through the following avenues:








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