Mitsubishi Scholarship For Students At The Tertiary Level Of Education

mitsubishi scholarship for Students

This gives you all the steps you need to follow to win the Mitsubishi Scholarship for students at the tertiary level of education.

Mitsubishi has been in existence since 1917. It is a company in Japan that manufactures cars, but not only that, the company provides other services too.

Over the years, it has been giving scholarships to students who are very brilliant but need financial support.

Several students in Japan have benefited, and others are yet to receive them.

This Scholarship aims to support outstanding international students studying at Japanese universities and graduate schools at their own expense.

It will help alleviate the financial concerns and enhance the learning effectiveness of the beneficiaries.


Is The Mitsubishi Scholarship Available For All students?

Each year, the Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Scholarship Foundation awards a full scholarship (tuition and expenses) to one Columbia student who wishes to study at a university or college in Japan.

The Applicant shall aim to enroll in either an undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral program at a university or college in Japan.


Mitsubishi Scholarship Requirements

Applicants who want to win the Mitsubishi Student Scholarship must meet the following requirements or criteria:

  • A student with citizenship of a country other than Japan and who is paying their expenses
  • Someone who intends to study in Japan as an official undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral student.
  • Someone in need of financial assistance (someone who pays for a large portion of their expenses through part-time work, etc.)
  • A student who does not receive other scholarships except for tuition exemptions or one-time lump sum scholarships.
  • Someone eligible to receive the Scholarship for at least one year.
  • Someone who is yet to receive the Mitsubishi Corporation International Scholarship.
  • A talented, well-behaved individual who is in good health, both mentally and physically.
  • Someone who has a keen interest in societal contribution geared towards international exchange and who has a strong desire to contribute to the progress of the global society both now and in the future
  • Someone who does not plan to go abroad, as a general rule, for six months or longer during the Scholarship period.
  • Someone who comes highly recommended by their university.


Mitsubishi Scholarship Application Process

Please follow the following steps to apply for Mitsubishi Scholarship for students:

  • Application Form (Attachment 1): 1 form
  • In principle, this form should be completed in Japanese. However, the form may be completed in English for students enrolled in courses conducted entirely in English.
  • Applicant Photo: 1 photo
  • The photo should be at least six months old. 4.0cm length by 3.0 width, upper body included, head uncovered. Write the Applicant’s name on the reverse side and attach it to the Application Form.
  • Letter of Recommendation from University Head (Attachment 2): 1 form
  • Grounds for a recommendation should be written by a current professor or other similar people in authority.
  • A copy of the Applicant’s official academic transcript for 2022.
  • If transcripts are unavailable, the Applicant must attach a written explanation (format not fixed).


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