GE Scholarship For Students In Ghanaian Universities, Apply Now

GE Scholarship For Students

This guide educates you on all the information you need about the GE Scholarship for students in Ghana.

Also, the guide explores other details such as:

  • Who qualifies to apply for the GE Scholarship;
  • How To Apply For for the GE Scholarship;
  • The Application Deadline; and
  • How to contact the GE Scholarship Office

First, let’s look at what the GE scholarship is about.


What Is GE Scholarship?

The Ge Scholarship Foundation is an affiliate of the General Electric Company.

Notably, the General Electric Company, often called GE, is a multinational conglomerate corporation with a long history and diverse business operations in Ghana.

Founded in 1892 by Thomas Edison, Elihu Thomson, Charles A. Coffin, and Edwin J. Houston, GE has been a significant player in various in fields such as:

  • Electricity;
  • Aviation;
  • Healthcare, Etc.

Apart from these operational areas, the company also plays a role in the educational sector by awarding scholarships to deserving students.

Thus, they offer the GE scholarship to help brilliant but needy students to achieve their educational and career dreams.

Now let’s know who qualifies to apply for the GE Scholarship.


Who Qualifies For The GE Scholarship?

Remember that you must meet the following Eligibility Criteria to qualify for the GE Scholarship:

  • First, you must be an undergraduate student at a reputable university in Ghana.
  • Second, you must read the list of programmes below at any reputed University.
  • Third, you must be at level 100 at the University.
  • Also, you should demonstrate that you have a financial challenge as far as your education is concerned.
  • Next, 
  • Next, you should have a Wassce result of aggregate 15 or better.
  • Third, you must have and or maintain a Cumulative Grade Point Average, i.e. GPA of 2.5 or better.
  • Also, you must be determined and willing to succeed in everything you do.
  • Next, you should be on good behavior and responsible.

Now let’s look at the courses or programs you must study to be eligible for the GE Scholarship.


Eligible University Courses And Programmes

  1. Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
  2. Bachelor of Science in Material Science and Engineering
  3. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  4. Bachelor of Science in Earth Science
  5. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

So what will be your benefits if you win the GE Scholarship?


Benefits Under The GE Scholarship Scheme

As part of the benefits of the scheme, students will enjoy the following:

  • Academic User Fee or Registration Fee
  • Residential or Accommodation expenses
  • Book and Stationary allowances
  • Pocket or Spending Money

Now, how do I apply for the GE Scholarship?


How To Get GE Scholarship In Ghana

You must follow these steps to apply for the GE Scholarship In Ghana:

First, you must download and complete the GE Fund Scholarship Application Form.

In addition to the application form, you should submit these other relevant supporting documents to the scholarship office:

  • Application Essays,
  • Also, a copy of your academic records (WASSCE grades),
  • Letters of recommendation and
  • Other supporting need documents.

Apart from the above records, the Scholarship Secretariat reserves the right to demand any further and better clarification to support your application.

At this stage, check other supporting documents you can use to help with your GE Scholarship application in the list below.


Application Deadline For The GE Scholarship In Ghana

The application deadline for the GE Scholarship is 3rd October, 3:00 p.m.


How To Contact The GE Scholarship Office

Students can contact the GE Scholarship Office through the following avenues:


Phone Number:


0302- 945-312





Number 11 East Legon – Main Campus behind the College of Agriculture and Consumer Sciences, opposite CEGENSA.


Important Things To Note:

Please ensure that you provide accurate and verifiable information.

In this way, it will enhance your chances of winning the scholarship.

Also, it will preserve the scheme’s integrity and benefit those who need it.


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